Profile: Father Henry Carr Custodians

Custodial staff at Father Henry Carr are having a great time while working a job they enjoy. “Having to offer a clean environment for the campers brings us great delight since they get to camp in a clean and safe environment,” they said.

Custodians having fun while cleaning the windows

In addition to sweeping during break periods, they mop, sweep, and clean the windows. Working diligently to achieve a positive outcome. The campers at Father Henry Carr truly like them, and whenever they visit, they always greet them with large, friendly smiles on their faces. Being welcomed in such a way gives them the inspiration to appreciate their jobs, and they are forever grateful for that. Working diligently to achieve a positive outcome

Custodians wiping the desks and dry erasing the board

They start with the classroom, cleaning the desks and erasing the board, and making sure everything is in its proper place. They get up early and arrive to Father Henry Carr by 8:30am to ensure that everything is spotless.

We appreciate Father Henry Carr’s custodians for creating a secure and hygienic environment so that our campers may make wonderful memories there.

FOY Cusdotians

FOY Custodians (from left to right) Deyh’sean Bravo, Simon Ramhit.

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