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Central Team

Michael Consul (Program Coordinator) has been a part of the Focus on Youth program since it started in 2017. After receiving his Bachelor of Education at McGill University, Michael became a secondary school teacher. In addition, Michael is a certified 7 Habits of Highly Effective People facilitator, produces a television show on the World Fishing Network, is a professional disc jockey, and most of all a proud father and husband.

Michael was the the recipient of the Teachers that Make a Difference Award, received a Provincial Best Practice Award, a TCDSB Exemplary Practice Award and was named Teacher of the Year for 2016.

When he’s not teaching, speaking, djing, or hanging out with his family, you can find Michael on the water fishing.

Focus On Youth University Staff

Our hard working post-secondary coordinators consist primarily of former FOY staff who have continued their involvement past graduation. They work hard both in front and behind the scenes to make sure the Focus on Youth family runs smoothly throughout the summer!

Jasmin Umana (FOY Lead Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: University of Toronto – Cell and Molecular Biology

Past FOY Experience: 2022: SMT Leadership Coordinator, 2021: SMT Coordinator

FOY is an incredible program that encourages and creates student leaders. I applied to FOY because I wanted to be a part of something so special. The teachers and coordinators are all passionate leaders, that I am fortunate to work alongside. The high-school staff are students who want to make a difference in their communities, who I have learned so much from. This program has had a great impact on my life for the better! These past years working for FOY have been unforgettable and I am looking forward to another successful year!

Alyssa Medina (FOY Assisting Lead Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: Incoming University of Waterloo – Mechatronics Engineering

Past FOY Experience: N/A

“After constantly hearing about FOY this year, I applied to get a taste of the leadership and passion all of its staff seemed to have. However, it was FOY’s mission to provide both accessible jobs and camp experiences that ended up drawing me in. Everyone deserves an amazing summer, and I cannot wait to do my part to make it happen!”

Ashley Oluwasola (Lead FHC Footsteps Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: University of Toronto – MA Child Study and Education

Past FOY Experience: 2020: Virtual Sports Coordinator 2021: Lead Coordinator 2022: Admin Coordinator

“I applied to FOY because of the amazing opportunities it gives to high school students. I also applied because of the positive energy and support from the other coordinators. Working at FOY I know that I will make a great impact on the students and campers every summer!”

Kristabelle Puy-as (Lead SMT Footsteps Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: University of Toronto – Human Biology

Past FOY Experience: 2017: Camp Counsellor, 2020: Coordinator, 2021: Coordinator, 2023: Coordinator

“FOY gives students in high school and university the ability to grow their leadership skills and be able to give back to their community by ensuring campers are given the best summer camp experience possible. It has taught me the importance of unity, and the village it takes to have a fun and successful summer camp.”

Mark Daniel Umengan (Lead Central Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: York University – Health Studies

Past FOY Experience: 2020: Custodian, 2021: Camp Counsellor

“In high school I wanted to join FOY because I always heard about how fun it was. As a former custodian and counsellor I have seen the positive impact the FOY program has made on my community and others across Toronto. I applied to FOY as a coordinator so I can be a part of another summer that is not just filled with fun but also growth, and change for all campers and counsellors.”

Safeer Sendjayawinata (St. Bernard Footsteps Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: University of Toronto Scarborough – Physical and Environmental Sciences

Past FOY Experience: Summer Camp Counselor in 2021 & 2022

“I was first informed about FOY by my sister during the pandemic. I applied the following year and had an absolute blast. I have since then always looked forward to the summer just so I can work for FOY again. Although I won’t be working as a camp counselor again, I am still extremely stoked to be apart of the FOY team as a Coordinator!”

Anica Apostol (FHC Tutoring Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: Toronto Metropolitan University – Creative Industries

Past FOY Experience: 2019: Camp Counsellor, 2021: Media Team

“Having participated in the program in the past, I’m reminded of the profound impact this program has on our students and communities. The opportunities for growth, friendships, and experiences were instrumental in shaping my professional development. Because of this, applying as a coordinator was an opportunity to contribute to a community that had given me so much.”

Elona Lawerence (SMT Tutoring Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: University of Toronto – Mathematics

Past FOY Experience: 1 year as a Summer STEAM Camp Counsellor, 1 year as a Spring and Summer Tutor

FOY was the first job I had as when I was in high school. I know that for many of the high school students joining us this year, it will be their first job as well. I want to help them the way my previous coordinators helped me do my best. FOY always gave me a great and fun experience that I did not want to miss out.”

Hannah Domaoa (Media Team Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: Toronto Metropolitan University – Graphic Communications Management

Previous FOY Experience: Counsellor: 2019, Media Team Member: 2020 & 2021, Media Team Coordinator: 2022

“I had heard about FOY and thought it would be a fun and rewarding way to work during the summer. I wanted to not only provide a safe and great camp experience for the community, but I also wanted to strengthen my leadership, which FOY has granted me to do these past few summers!”

Sristy Dhaki (FHC Footsteps Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: McMaster University – Business Commerce

Past FOY Experience: 2020: Art Counsellor, 2021: Leadership Counsellor, 2022: Tutoring Coordinator

“I applied for FOY because of how this program offers more than just a simple job opportunity. It gives the chance to be part of a community, filled with lasting memories and truly being able to make an impact around you. In my last 3 years of being a part of FOY, it has continued to make me grow as a person, by creating so many different experiences while also fostering a sense of thrill and new experiences. This program provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make deep and meaningful connections with all the amazing people involved.”

Theresa Ibonye (FHC Footsteps Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: Queen’s University – Health Science

Previous FOY Experience: Counsellor, 2022: FHC Coordinator

“I initially joined FOY as a counselor in 2021 because of the tutoring program. I wanted to work with young kids to be able to help them in academic areas that they were struggling with and provide them with the tools they needed to excel in all their subjects. After the amazing experience I had with the tutoring program, I wanted to come back to FOY to continue to not only help young kids, but to also give back to the community.

Nicole Boye (SMT Footsteps Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: University of Ottawa – Political Science & Public Administration

Past FOY Experience: 2021, 2022: SMT Counsellor

“After working as a counselor for two years throughout the height of the pandemic, I was able to witness the social impact this program has on both the campers and all the staff. Both summers gave me the opportunity to grow my network of like minded leaders, and develop new ways to support the campers. Through this leadership role, I am excited to continue to give back to my community and uplift all those involved.”

Jericho Arcinas (SMT Footsteps Coordinator)

Previous FOY Experience: Camper, Counsellor

Post Secondary School & Program: Centennial College – Child and Youth Care

“I applied to Foy because when I was a camper (in FOY) I used to have the greatest leaders/counsellors who were caring and supportive! After the camp ended and I got older, I never forgot those amazing counsellors who took care of me over those years, That’s when I decided that I wanted to be just like them! I also applied to this amazing organization because I love mentoring/working with children! (I loved it so much that I am taking child and youth care in post-secondary!)”

Lexi Cajilig (SMT Footsteps Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: Central Michigan University – Sports Management

Previous FOY Experience: N/A

“I applied to FOY because I have heard that it is a very welcoming and inclusive organization that gives great opportunities to high school students to develop better personal leadership skills overall. Working with the members of FOY sounded like a very rewarding and fulfilling job and I am excited to be apart of it!”

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