Andre Fullerton (Coordinator) Before becoming the coordinator of Focus on Youth, Andre spent time as a youth worker for Tropicana Community Services, as well as an Engagement Coordinator for Toronto Community Housing. Along with his energy and enthusiasm for the program, he also brings an Educational Psychology Degree from Louisiana Tech University to the table.

Shaunalee Bennett (Coordinator) was hired as a high school student to work as a camp counselor before applying through the board to become a coordinator. Apart from being her first job, Focus on Youth helped Shaunalee develop essential skills and experience for the future. She continues to gain more experience that helps her to grow and become more successful in her future endeavors.

mikeMichael Consul (Media Team / Training Coordinator) When he’s not coordinating the Focus on Youth Media Team, Michael Consul serves as a Student Leadership Coordinator for the TCDSB, in addition to being a certified 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Facilitator. A Mcgill University Graduate, Mike also been the recipient of the Teachers that Make a Difference Award, the Provincial Exemplary Practice Award, and the TCDSB Best Practice award. He was also awarded Teacher of the Year for 2016. On top of everything else, he’s also coached baseball, softball, volleyball, and badminton at the high school level.

The administration plays a large role as the backbone of the program, organizing and facilitating. They work behind the scenes propelling the program forward, and are a large role in the program’s success.