The Team


Andre Fullerton (Coordinator) Before becoming the coordinator of Focus on Youth, Andre spent time as a youth worker for Tropicana Community Services, as well as an Engagement Coordinator for Toronto Community Housing. Along with his energy and enthusiasm for the program, he also brings an Educational Psychology Degree from Louisiana Tech University to the table.


Michael Consul (Media Team / Training Coordinator) When he’s not coordinating the Focus on Youth Media Team, Michael Consul serves as a Student Leadership Coordinator for the TCDSB, in addition to being a certified 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Facilitator. A McGill University Graduate, Mike also been the recipient of the Teachers that Make a Difference Award, the Provincial Exemplary Practice Award, and the TCDSB Best Practice award. He was also awarded Teacher of the Year for 2016. On top of everything else, he’s also coached baseball, softball, volleyball, and badminton at the high school level.

The administration plays a large role as the backbone of the program, organizing and facilitating. They work behind the scenes propelling the program forward, and are a large role in the program’s success.

Focus On Youth University Staff

Our hard working university staff consist primarily of former FOY staff who have continued their involvement past graduation by assisting as coordinators in the three Footsteps to Success camps held across Toronto. They work hard both in front and behind the scenes to make sure the Focus on Youth family remain functional.

Maria Cristina Namuche Moya (Lead University Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: Toronto Metropolitan University – Nursing

Past FOY Experience: Camp counsellor in high school, University Coordinator with FOY for two years

My first job was as a camp counsellor with FOY years ago. Back then, this program empowered me to see myself as a leader. It provided me the opportunity to grow as a person and gave me the support I needed to be successful in my future endeavours. Since then, the mission of FOY has remained the same. I continue to return to the program to support youth in our communities to achieve the outcome I did. I am proud to be a part of a team that actively advocates, supports, and collaborates with youth.

Hycil Fernandes (Lead University Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: University of Toronto – Psychology and English

Past FOY Experience: 1 year as a counsellor, 1 as a coordinator

“I applied to FOY because of the experiences I had going through the program as a counsellor.

Ashley Oluwasola (Admin Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: University of Guelph – Early Childhood Studies

Past FOY Experience: Sports Coordinator 9-11 in 2020, Lead Coordinator in 2021

“I applied to FOY because of the amazing opportunities it gives to high school students. I also applied because of the positive energy and support from the other coordinators. Working at FOY I know that I will make a great impact on the students and campers every summer!”

Colin Creighton (Virtual Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: McMaster University – Sociology

Past FOY Experience: 1 Year camp counsellor 2 years camp coordinator

“Knowing what kind of joy FOY brings to the community is something so hard to find in any other place. It is just an excellent opportunity to focus on the youth, from the workers to the campers. I saw a chance to make a change and took it.”

Claudia Szulc (Virtual Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: York University – Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education

Past FOY Experience: Coordinator in 2021

“I applied to Focus on Youth because I have a passion for helping children and teenagers reach their true potential and grow. I admire the opportunities this program provides to youth and am honoured to take part in it.

Sristy Dhaki (Tutoring Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: McMaster University – Business Commerce

Past FOY Experience: Art Counsellor (2020) and Leadership Counsellor (2021)

“I applied to FOY because I felt as though this program would not only be a great job opportunity but it’s able to form a community as well. People are able to obtain lasting memories like no other, especially with everyday being a different and fun experience! At Focus on Youth you are truly able to feel a deep connection within the program and its people, as well as creating amazing friendships along the way.

Mathrisha Fernando (Tutoring Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: Toronto Metropolitan University – Business Management

Past FOY Experience: Previously a counsellor for 3 years

“I applied to FOY because of how amazing the program is, and it’s an opportunity for me to help others with fundamental leadership skills. If you’re a hardworking individual, FOY is the perfect place for you.”

Ann Manoj (Tutoring Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: University of Toronto – Science

Past FOY Experience: 1 year as a STEAM counsellor for after school and summer program

“I enjoy the Focus on Youth Program so much as it provides a fun time for me to spend during the summer. I love meeting new counsellors, coordinators , and campers, and learning new thing along the way while making friendships and bonds that I will cherish forever. I look forward to meeting you all and having a blast during this summer break!!”

Kathy Nguyen (FHC Footsteps Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: Toronto Metropolitan University – Social Work

Past FOY Experience: Camp Counsellor (2019), Media Team (2020), Leadership Coordinator (2021)

“When I first applied to FOY, i was seeking work experience where I was passionate. I knew that when I grew up I’d want to work with kids and change the lives of others, and that’s where FOY provided both! It has provided me with such a unique experience, which is why I keep coming back for more. With my Leadership and TCDSB past, it only made sense for me to continue to give back to our communities when I can.”

Cristina White (FHC Footsteps Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: Western University – Medical Sciences

Past FOY Experience: N/A

“I knew I wanted to be a part of FOY when I initially learned of the purpose behind it. I applied because the purpose of “focusing on youth” and providing an accessible camp and jobs to youth is an amazing goal for an organization and I wanted to play a role in helping to achieve it.”

Rabeca Mengesha (FHC Footsteps Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: Queens UniversityBachelor’s of Arts Honours

Past FOY Experience: Counsellor – 2020, STEAM Coordinator – 2021

“I was Introduced to this summer camp through a leadership program within my school board and was really excited to be apart of something that matched my values and goals within people and underserved communities. Focus On Youth allows me to fulfill and gain experiences within leadership and working with children, both things that I am very passionate about.”

Chukwufumnaya Theresa Ibonye (FHC Footsteps Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: Queen’s University – Health Science

Previous FOY Experience: Counsellor

“I initially joined FOY as a counselor in 2021 because of the tutoring program. I wanted to work with young kids to be able to help them in academic areas that they were struggling with and provide them with the tools they needed to excel in all their subjects. After the amazing experience I had with the tutoring program, I wanted to come back to FOY to continue to not only help young kids, but to also give back to the community.

Bella Nakhle (SMT Footsteps Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: University of Ottawa – Transitional and Molecular Medicine

Past FOY Experience: N/A

“After being locked away due to COVID for the past two years, I decided to apply to FOY to finally be able to create new friendships and new memories that were not all from my room. I know the COVID situation took many opportunities away from us, therefore my goal with working for Focus On Youth is to make Summer 2022 a memorable one. I hope to not only help to contribute to a community that has provided so much for me, but to help campers and counsellors alike build their confidence and have a ton of fun! Can’t wait to meet you all! :)”

Cecile Le (SMT Footsteps Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: Western University – Medical Sciences

Previous FOY Experience: N/A

“My friends had told me about FOY and what an amazing experience they had, so I wanted to try it out for myself. I really admired the opportunities FOY had given for their employees for growth and leadership. FOY’s mission was also exactly what I valued, which was providing affordable experiences for children in high needs neighbourhoods.”

Hannah Domaoa (Media Team Coordinator)

Post Secondary School & Program: Toronto Metropolitan University – Graphic Communications Management

Previous FOY Experience: Counsellor in 2019, Media Team Member 2020 & 2021

“I had heard about FOY and thought it would be a fun and rewarding way to work during the summer. I wanted to not only provide a safe and great camp experience for the community, but I also wanted to strengthen my leadership, which FOY has granted me to do these past few summers!”

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