PROFILE: Boys & Girls Club of West Scarborough


Boys & Girls Club of West Scarborough‘s goal is to provide “a good place to be” for their campers. Through loving and care, the staff ensures that campers are able to feel accepted in a safe environment while also having fun. The staff at the Boys and Girls Clubs of West Scarborough dedicate their time and effort into making a difference in their community.


Friends having fun at camp!




Campers trying to make another camper laugh during a fun game!

Boys and Girls Club ensures that they help the kids find their passion, and to develop them. Whether it is sports, arts, or even cooking, the counsellors make sure that there is never a dull moment at camp. Campers can even find their passions through reading and writing workshops!


 Discovering what the kids enjoy is the most vital goal of Boys and Girls Club. Every week, kids go on a trip and swim at their local pool, and attend weekly trips. These counsellors aim to make the kids feel motivated and channel their positive energy to keeping a lively community.


FOY staff (L-R): Ashley McKenzie, Spencer Kombargi, Vivian Huynh (all from NEIL centre)


Boys & Girls Club of West Scarborough

Immaculate Heart of Mary
101 Birchmount Rd, Scarborough, ON M1N 3J7

July 4 – August 19 2016
8am – 6pm

6 – 12 years old

Contact Information:
Tanya Morris


PROFILE: Tropicana Community Services


Tropicana Community Services was founded by Robert Brown about 36 years ago with the thought of assisting with the transition for those emigrating from the Caribbean. The company’s name was formed from “tropi-” in Tropical and “-cana” from Canada, making the known name of Tropicana. 


Campers learning that teamwork makes the dream work during a blindfolded obstacle course!

Camp Tropicana’s main goal/philosophy is to promote multiculturalism. The staff strongly believes that learning about other cultures and backgrounds at a young age is really important. Throughout camp, staff works hard to let all the children see new things with an open mind.



Team-building is most important!

Every week spent with Tropicana Community Services is filled with fun and excitement. Camp does not only focus on one main theme but instead changes it up and has a different one each week.


Getting ready for the next fun-filled activity!


The camp also focuses on education as well as the arts; like visual arts, drama, and dance. Tropicana allows the campers to express themselves through show and tells, and talent shows. Every day is a new and high energy day at this camp, the children leave each day eager to come back for more.


Focus on Youth staff (left-right)  Madison Fernandez (Libermann), Jussica Ranhotra (Neil), Danielle Aradanas (Libermann)


Organization: Tropicana Community Services

Location: St. Barnabas: 30 Washburn Way, Scarborough,ON,M1B 1H3

Dates: July 6 to August 12, 2016

Times: 9:00am-4:00pm

Contact Information:
Bernadette Hood


PROFILE: Faceup Basketball Camp


FaceUp Basketball Camp of Scarborough is a warm and welcoming place that helps all campers improve their basketball skills, as well as team building skills. Not only does this camp focus on basketball, but it also builds leadership skills and allows for long-term friendships to be made.


Jump ball between two close friends!

Mornings at FaceUp Basketball Camp focus on strength and conditioning. This includes morning jogs, drills and stretches. After lunch, campers can look forward to participating in drills which will help them improve their basketball skills. Campers can show these skills off in daily scrimmages which take place near the end of the day.


Campers take part in a scrimmage match

For the younger ones at FaceUp Basketball, the day starts off with some arts and crafts to help get their brains started for the day. Following this, campers can expect to participate in many other activities including obstacle courses, leadership games, team building games and more.

The FaceUp Basketball staff strives to create balanced, STRONG team players. Their goal is to develop, improve and strengthen the fundamental skill and basketball knowledge of players of all levels.


FOY staff looking good for the camera!

FaceUp Basketball works with youth ages 8 to 18, with skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced and offer elite developmental drills to elevate the level of play for each of their committed participants.


Focus on Youth Staff (L-R): Paolo Hermogenes, Marissa Charles, Patricia Velasco, Maria Albano (all from VANIER centre)


FaceUp Basketball

Our Lady of Fatima
3176 St Clair Ave East , Scarborough

July 5 – August 12 2016
9am – 4pm

8 – 18 years old

Contact Information:
Coach Kareem



PROFILE: Boys & Girls Club of East Scarborough (St. Thomas More)


The Boys and Girls Club of East Scarborough located at St. Thomas More is a wonderful and safe environment for youth and is a good place to be. Everyday campers can expect to learn and play new games/activities and, at the same time, meet new people and build relationships that will last forever.


Campers show their excitement at the Bowmanville zoo!

To start off the day at The Boys and Girls Club of East Scarborough, campers are served a healthy and nutritious breakfast which helps them build up energy for the busy day ahead. After breakfast, in-class activities begin which include arts and crafts, music, colouring and more. Campers play games that help teach them how to work as a team and finish their tasks. Whether it be a sport or a game they love, their counselors make it happen.


Campers do their best impressions of the camel behind them.

With health and safety as their top priority, the camp ensures their kids are happy and healthy by providing them with nutritious snacks. The camp has a different theme for each week, and have excursions that correspond with these themes, keeping their summer exciting and fun-filled!



Cute campers watching a cute pony

The Boys and Girls Club of East Scarborough ensures that all campers learn the vital skills which they will need in the future such as teamwork, communication, creativity and more. While the kids are with Boys and Girls club, they bring their own passions into play.



Having fun at the Bowmanville zoo!

Children and youth in East Scarborough discover and achieve their dreams and grow up to be healthy, successful and active participants in society.



Focus on Youth staff (from left to right): Gerianne Lozada and Ashley Lorenzo (both from BMT Centre)


East Boys and Girls Club

St. Thomas More
2300 Ellesmere Road, Scarborough, ON M1G 3M7

July 4 – August 19 2016
8am – 6pm

6 – 12 years old

Contact Information:
ESBGC head offices: Kacy Knight/Russel Scott

St. Thomas More location Head Supervisor: Shenika Johnson


PROFILE: Scarborough Basketball Association (SBA)


Scarborough Basketball Association‘s goal is to provide youth the opportunity to grow and enjoy life through the sport of basketball. They set up camps for the youths in the area who wish to understand the game of basketball or improve their skills.

Formed in 1996 as a non-profit organization, the Scarborough Basketball Association (SBA) has a simple game plan to provide youth in and around the Scarborough, Toronto, Pickering, Ajax and Markham area in Ontario with the opportunity to grow and enjoy life through the sport of basketball.


Campers listening to Coach Sanders’ instructions (clearly one kid isn’t listening)


Gotta stay hydrated when you’re a basketball player!

To start off the day at SBA camp, campers will participate in warm-ups, drills and scrimmages. After all this campers will be given their lunch breaks to rest and build up more energy for all the activities which will be done in the afternoon. Afternoons basketball activities are played for technique training, they play dodgeball, arts and crafts and finish the day off with some reading.


Young Steph Curry in the flesh!




The Scarborough Basketball Association is a registered non-profit organization, run and coached by volunteers. They believe in putting athletes first and winning second. Over the past 10+ years of existence, they have placed Scarborough on the basketball map in Ontario, by producing great basketball players and organizing competitive tournaments.



All the BALLERS from the 2016 SBA Camp!


Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 3.38.55 PM.jpg

Focus on Youth Staff (L-R): Kevin Parekkattil, Andrea Castillo, Christine Cambas, Chantal Hayles (all from NEIL Centre)



Scarborough Basketball Association

Jean Vanier CSS
959 Midland Ave, Scarborough, ON M1K 4G4

9am – 3:30pm
July 5 – August 12 2016

Contact Information:
Peter Jones
(416) 285 – 4428