PROFILE: Eastview Boys and Girls Club




Campers singing along to “repeat after me songs” for morning warm up

Mission statement: East Toronto Family Community Centre is committed to improving the quality of life for residents primarily in the area bounded by Greenwood, Broadview, Danforth and Queen Streets. To this end, Eastview mobilizes resources from a variety of public, private and community partners.


Sports camp excited to play a good ol’ game of soccer

Eastview has built a strong connection with the community for over 40 years. This summer camp program offers youth engagement in arts and sports. This centre offers a wide variety of recreational activities for children aged 6-12 years old.

Eastview Collage

Arts Camp focusing on their interior design projects

Through Eastview’s summer camp program, youth in their community have a safe and welcoming environment to participate in recreational activities, meet new friends, and learn to grow as tomorrow’s leaders. A daily routine includes, among many activities, team building games and projects, repeat after me songs, art activities, and sports. All activities are designed to help engage campers of all ages.


FOY Staff: Jonelle Calder, Jackulin Anton, Chamathka Kapugama, Sarah Daniel



Organization: Boys and Girls Club of Toronto

Location: 86 Blake Street, Toronto, ON M4J 3C9

Dates/Times: July 4 – August 22, 9AM-4PM


Contact Info: 
Tel: (416) 392-1750
Fax: (416) 392-1175


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PROFILE: Triple Balance Community Services




Campers getting ready to play Superhero

Triple Balance Community Services has been part of the TCDSB’s Focus on Youth program for 3 years. Their summer camp’s mission is to provide an affordable, fun and fulfilling program to connect families and youth to recreational activities.

3 balance dodge

Triple Balance campers dodging balls like pros while playing Duck Hunters

The summer camp program is designed for recreational purposes such as arts, sports and leadership activities. Their week’s schedule also include group excursions to educational and fun sites such as the Ripley’s Aquarium and the Ontario Science Centre.


Young artists creating masterpieces with Perler Beads

With the help of Focus on Youth’s staff, Triple Balance’s summer camp has helped expand its program to more participants, providing a safe setting for youth helping students enjoy their summers.

Triple Balance Staff

Focus on Youth staff: Zackery Peroune, Julian Marincola, Miranda Abis, Caseyann Goore


Organization: Triple Balance Community Services

Location: 20 Starview Lane
North York, ON, M9M 3B2

Dates/Times: July 2 – August 8, Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM

Also follow them on Facebook at:

Contact Info: Bryan Cando
Tel: (416)-319-5154


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PROFILE: Toronto Fire Services


DSCF4340 (1)

Hung Le capturing the Honda Indy event

Toronto Fire Services provides the city of Toronto with reliable and effective emergency response, as well as fire prevention and emergency services and resources. Their duty is to protect and prevent the danger of fire hazards of those who live in, work in and visit Toronto.

DSCF4332 (1)

Firefighter Dave dragging 175 lb Rescue Randy to the finish line

Some of the services they provide are fire Prevention, Detection and Escape.  Toronto Fire Services hold special events such as Fire Prevention Week, and make appearances at local events such as the Honda Indy Races.

DSCF4324 (1)

FOY staff, Hung Le, posing for the camera with Officer Ron Barrow and co-op student, Hani Dawood

Focus on Youth’s partnership with the Toronto Fire Services allow staff to have experience in this workforce. Their assigned job is to document and record daily training and special events. The Focus on  Youth staff are part of the Toronto Fire Services’ media team. They take photos and videos of the fire-fighters in action, as well as document footage in special events.



Focus on Youth staff: Hung Le



Organization: Toronto Fire Services



Contact Info: Toronto Fire Services Headquarters
4330 Dufferin Street
Toronto, ON M3H 5R9


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Profile: Custodial Position (Chaminade College School)


Kingsley organizing a custodial storage room

Kingsley Bonsu works with Focus on Youth this summer as a custodian at Chaminade College School. His daily routine consists of cleaning litter on the school’s property, move around furniture for the upcoming school year, and maintain the building for all summer camp and summer school programs.


Kingsley wiping down the display case for students to see Chaminade’s trophies

Kingsley stated his favourite part of his job is having the opportunity to experience life in the workplace so that he is able to learn from his mistakes in the future. Working as a Focus on Youth employee helps build on his leadership skills and practice.


Kingsley moving desks and chairs for classrooms to be waxed and cleaned

From working as a custodian, Kingsley was enthusiastic to share that he has learned many lessons from his supervisors and his time in the workplace. He is now proud to say his time management skills, ability to multitask and organization skills are all progressing.



PROFILE: Davenport Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre



Leaders lining up to play Bring Me the Bacon

Youth Employment Experience (YEP) is a program for 13-16 year-old participants. Their main focus is to their increase participants’ involvement and leadership within the community, increase their pre-employment knowledge and skills, their confidence and ability to access relevant community resources, and to provide opportunities meet other young people.


Davenport-Perth community leaders listening attentively to instructions

The participants undergo training within the first two weeks, followed by placements 3 days a week , while the other two days they continue to attend training workshops. YEP also provides weekly fun social and recreational outings and special events for participants over the summer, such as a team-building experience at High Park.


All leaders participating in Monster instructed by Benedict Mercado.

Youth Employment Experience decided to partner with Focus on Youth in order to increase opportunities for young people to access employment experience, to have more staffing support to run our summer programs and to increase access to community space.


Focus on Youth staff: Benedict Mercado


Organization: Davenport Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre

Location: 1900 Davenport Road
Toronto, ON  M6N 1B7

Ages: 13-16

Dates/Times: 6 week program
11 a.m – 3 p.m


Contact Info:
Swelen Andari
Youth Program Worker, Children and Youth Services
T 416 656 8025 x244
F 416 656 1264


Leaders playing Cheat. “I put down two Jacks,” said Ines. “Cheat!!” yelled Mark.



Picture of a Bison captured at High Park’s zoo



Participants joining in for a good ol’ fashion game of cards

PROFILE: Studio 15


Studio 15 is a community arts and music program located at the Kingsview Free Methodist Church. The faith-centered organization utilizes music and arts to develop creativity and leadership skills of kids in and around the western Etobicoke area.

FOY staff explaining the rules of Pass the Squeeze

Studio 15 was officially launched by Kingsview FMC in October 1, 2011, after having much success in their arts summer camps. It is designed for students in Grades 6-12 (ages 11-17) who are passionate about arts, sports, and academics. In addition to their summer camp arts program, Studio 15 offers fall, winter and spring programs, march break camps and homework help after school.

Campers caught in a tangle while playing Human Knot!

Their summer program runs for six weeks through July and August, focusing on visual arts, drama, music and creative writing. In addition, the program includes bible studies and trips every Thursday. This summer program is available for kids ages 11-15.

Knights, Horses and Cavaliers… KNIGHTS!

During the school year, Studio 15 offers after school help Mondays to Thursdays from 3:30-4:30 pm for students grades 5-8. The program includes tutors, quiet space and snacks to create a great learning environment.

“Quickly! Pass on the squeeze!” – Camper, Johnny

Studio 15 is a great place to learn, grow, and surround yourself in a positive and artistic environment.

Studio 15 FOY Staff: Itzia Reyes-Herrera, Andy Nguyen, Mikhalia Malcom, Catriona Whicher, Danielle Palero and Folake Kayode


Organization: Studio 15

Location: 15 Kingsview Blvd Toronto, ON M9R 1T5

Dates/Times: 6 week summer program, Monday – Thursday 9AM-4PM


Contact info: (416) – 248 – 5000 ext. 26 /


Campers playing Tap Tap


A princess and a knight!


Enjoying the yummy mac and cheese they helped make