PROFILE: Footsteps to Success (East)

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Footsteps to Success (East) located at Blessed Mother Teresa CSS, 40 Sewells Rd, has been home to many children in the community during the summer. This amazing program was created by the one and only Andre Fullerton. This 6 week program is offered for free so that every child has a chance to grow and develop while having fun in the summer. Kids can participate in various programs including dance/arts, sports and leadership.


The leadership girls engaging in a discussion… about boys

Footsteps gives youth the tools that they need in order to succeed in life. The program enriches children in a positive atmosphere. Staff and campers are always enthusiastic, energized and ready to learn. Counsellors and campers heavily impact each other as they both learn something new every day. Everyone works together to have the best summer experience possible.

This program also provides breakfast to children in the morning so that they have energy for the entire day. Throughout each week the camp goes on at least one trip whether it be the movies, swimming, or even bowling! Footsteps also has a special partnership with TIRF, a rugby program that comes in to teach the kids how to play. At Footsteps, children are enriched with knowledge in every way.



Organization: Footsteps to Success: Blessed Mother Teresa CSS

Location: 40 Sewells Rd., Toronto, ON M1B 3G5

Dates: July 4 to August 12, 2016

Times: 9:00am-4:00pm

Contact Information:
Mark Bryce



Focus on Youth provides many jobs to high school students as Camp Counsellors, Media Team and Administrator. Although there is one lesser known but highly valued position, Custodial. Out of the hundreds of students hired, a select few are chosen to be custodians, like Kyle Sih.

Here is Kyle, hard at work:

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Kyle is placed at St. Maria Goretti where one of the East Scarborough Boys and Girls Club summer camp also takes place. He devotes his time to ensuring that the classrooms and camps are clean. He helps prepare the school for next year, making sure desks are spotless, and garbage free. He also cleans the walls, the bathrooms, and ensures that the floors spotless and waxed.

Everyday Kyle comes in bright and early at 7:30am and ends his day 3:30pm, and begins his daily routine. Along side his coworkers, they select a classroom, and start with the furniture. They ensure that all desks are empty and clean, and take them out so they can begin cleaning the floors and the walls. Once they complete a few rooms, they move on to cleaning the bathrooms, ensuring that all toilets, urinals, sinks, walls, floors, and ceiling are clean. Without the hard work of Kyle and his coworkers, the school wouldn’t be clean inside and out.


PROFILE: Live For Ball

Live For Ball logo

Live for Ball is an organization located at Blessed Cardinal Newman High School, 100 Brimley Rd. They strive to develop and enhance team and individual fundamental basketball skills in a positive, fun environment. Since the organization was founded in 2008 by Katrina Sorra and Isaac King, the LFB community has grown larger each year.

During the morning, campers are expected to improve their basketball skills through a variety of drills and games. But they also build character, leadership skills and relationships through the different activities. Young helpers from the LFB community mentor the younger camper, this builds the family-friendly like atmosphere. In the afternoons the entire camp goes on a trip everyday like the park, splash pad, the Bluffs and much more! Every single day at camp is exciting and different.

LFB’s mission is to continue the adventure, help fulfill dreams, and help every player that joins their team to find their own strengths and battle through weaknesses and adversities. They strive to create a safe space for children to get away from and just have fun. At LFB they believe that you can do anything with focus and determination!


FOY Staff (Left to right) : Michelle (Neil), Jade (Neil)


Organization: Live for Ball

Location: 100 Brimley Rd. S, Toronto, ON, M1M 3X4.

July 5 to August 12, 2016

Contact Information:
Katrina Sorra
(416) 707-7033


PROFILE: East Scarborough Boys & Girls Club (St. Maria Goretti)


The Boys & Girls Club of East Scarborough is located at St. Maria Goretti Catholic School, 21 Kenmark Blvd. They facilitate activities that vary from arts and crafts, drama, and sports. The amazing staff  always make sure every camper is actively involved, participating and of course, having fun!


What’s up? Listen up to Mars for instructions!

During the morning, campers meet at the gym where they have free time until everyone arrives. Then they play big group games like octopus, pulse, ninja and many more with all the kids. After their morning activities they have arts and crafts where they are free to be as creative as their hearts desire. But always keeping in mind that they have to share with others. On certain days of the week, the whole camp goes on excursions like swimming, bowling, sailing and even the R.O.M. In this camp, all ages interact with each other the whole day. They all learn core values from each other like leadership, respect, listening, sharing and much more. No matter how big or small you are, you could always learn something new (even counsellors)!


Campers transforming seashells into their own masterpieces

Everyday the kids look forward to coming to camp because of the variety of activities available to them and all the friends they have made in camp. St. Maria Goretti Boys & Girls Club’s priority is to create an enjoyable environment and memorable summer for the kids.

All of the counsellors always have a smile on their face everyday because they have just as much fun as the campers do!


FOY Staff (Left to right) : Marianne (Neil), Toni (Neil), Ferd (Neil)


East Boys and Girls Club

St. Maria Goretti
21 Kenmark Blvd. Scarborough, On. M1K3N8

July 5 – August 21 2016
8am – 6pm

6 – 12 years old

Contact Information:
ESBGC head offices: Kacy Knight/Russel Scott


PROFILE: East Scarborough Boys & Girls Club (Corvette Jr Public School)


The Boys & Girls Club of East Scarborough located at Corvette Jr Public School is a welcoming place to all families in the community. They provide a learning environment of art, literacy, music, recreational activities and fun!


Desha helping a camper make their stain glass butterfly

This unique drop-in program immerses children of  younger ages (birth-6 years old) in outdoor activities rather than being in a classroom or gym. This program teaches life skills like interacting with others and also manners at a young age through play time. In the morning and afternoon the kids have snack time so that they’re energized for the day. It’s never a dull moment at Corvette; they do creative crafts, play in the park or go on trips every Thursday. Their top priority is safety, the camp ensures that they’re prepared during extreme heat warnings. The outdoor activities often happen in the shade so children are protected and sometimes brought inside the building for activities.



Who said anyone was too young or old to blow bubbles?

Parents and guardians are encouraged to stay and experience learning through play with their children and interacting with the other families. Corvette’s summer program builds stronger relationships with families, friends and the community.

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Children discover new talents and passions while making friends,learning and having fun!


FOY Staff (Left to right) : Desha (Neil), Linda (Neil) MIA: Myya (Neil)



East Boys and Girls Club

Corvette Jr Public School
30 Corvette Ave, Scarborough, ON M1K 3G2

July 4 to August 11 2016
8am – 6pm

  0– 6 years old

Contact Information:
ESBGC head offices: Kacy Knight/Russel Scott


PROFILE: Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre


Eastview logo

 The Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre was founded in 1972 and still continues to provide amazing programs to the community. They strive to build a safe and fun environment for people of all ages to enjoy.


Arts and crafts put a smile on almost everyone’s face!

This camp is located at Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre, and runs for 6 weeks in the duration of July to mid-August from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. They offer a variety of programs in the summer such as sports and fitness, natural science, creative arts, and musical theatre/dance.


Chilling in the shade


The camp also accommodates many children with special needs. No matter who you are, the Eastview community will welcome you with open arms. Their goal is to create a safe environment for boys and girls rather than having them play on the streets. They continue to do an outstanding job helping the community grow together.



FOY Staff (From left to right) : Dyan (Vanier), Ryan (Vanier), Jerome (Vanier), Jaria (Neil), Chris (Vanier)


Organization: Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre

Location: 86 Blake Street, Toronto, Ontario M4J 3C9

Dates: July 4 to August 12, 2016 (Weekly Programs)

Times: 8:30am-3:30pm

Ages: 5 years old-13 years old

Contact Information:
Laurette Jack



PROFILE: The Education Academy

Profile : The Education Academy

The Education Academy logo

The Education Academy is a summer day camp that focuses on teaching French to children of the ages 5-14. They are a non-profit organization that was founded in 2008 by a parent council to engage children in language education and character development.


Campers getting their thinking caps on in class

The camp is held at  St. Aidan Catholic School, 3521 Finch Avenue East, just east of Warden Ave. The camp takes place during July 6 – August 14, from 9AM – 4PM. During the morning students are immersed in french learning and in the afternoon they enjoy a variety of sports, arts and crafts, and other activities. At the end of every week they go on a different excursion like Skyzone, Treetop Trekking and even the Toronto Zoo.

IMG_5639 real.jpg

Campers getting ready for arts and crafts

Through this program children have not only become more bilingual, but they build character, leadership and team work skills. The Education Academy focuses on the philosophy T.O.P., which stands for Teacher LOves Pupils. Their staff build a caring and fun-filled community for everyone.




FOY Staff: Top Row (From L to R):Marielle , Rachel, Ken, Mark , Kent, JR, Edgar  (Libermann), Lionel (Neil)                                                                                                                                                   Bottom Row (From L to R):Georgia (Libermann), Odette (Libermann), Czarielle (JCM), Chloe (Libermann)



The Education Academy

St. Aidan
3501 Finch Ave E., Toronto, ON, M1W 2S2

July 4 to August 12, 2016

5 years old – 14 years old

Contact Information:
Annie Zhu