PROFILE: Camp Olympia Leadership Training Weekend


Out of 863 students who applied for Focus On Youth, 261 remarkable students were hired to participate in the Focus On Youth (FOY) Program. Participating in FOY required the students to attend a leadership training weekend in order to prepare them for their respective jobs (as a camp counsellor, custodian, in administration or in media). On June 6th, successful Focus on Youth applicants from different parts of Toronto arrived at Camp Olympia, a leadership/sports camp. They were trained by the FOY coordinators and teachers until June 8th .


FOY employees getting ready for lunch.


FOY employees cheering

Since there was an overwhelming number of participants, they were divided by their school or centres, with 12 centers in total. Throughout the weekend, the students participated in a rotation of five different workshops. Each workshop’s goal was to sharpen their leadership skills and to build character as individuals. The workshops were:

Anger Management: To sharpen participants’ patience and understanding.


FOY employees doing some exercises (Anger Management)


FOY employees doing some exercises (Anger Management)

Games: They are given a booklet filled with different games. They must choose one and clearly explain/demonstrate it to their fellow participants. They also have to run the game.

Basketball game

FOY employees playing a basketball game

Equity: To educate the participants about the different kinds of oppression people face.


FOY employees having an outdoor activity (Equity)


Communication: This teaches the participants to speak less and listen more—a critical skill when dealing with campers.



FOY employees attentively listens (Communication)

Coaching: Similar to the Games workshop, in which they have to pick a sport and they have to explain it clearly.


FOY employees explaining the game of volleyball (Coaching)

Arts and Crafts: To give employees ideas of different activities they can offer to campers

Arts and Crafts

FOY employees playing around with paint (Arts and Crafts)

Arts and Crafts

FOY employees having fun with all the art supplies (Arts and Crafts)


There was also the Positive Discipline workshop, which helped the employees learn how to resolve difficult situations and to deal with misbehaviour. Mike Consul and Greg Rogers also led a 7 Habits Workshop.


Greg Rogers during the 7 habits workshop


A talent show was held to conclude the training weekend. A huge number of students participated in the show! The night was filled with enthusiasm and cheering.


A team of FOY employees performing their cheer


Some of the FOY employees waiting for the show to start


Another Cheer performance by a group of FOY employees

Furthermore, Mike Consul asked the Media Team to lead the FOY participants throughout the weekend. The Media Team is a small group of FOY participants that document and record the highlights of the training weekend.


FOY Media Team 2014

The Media Team was also responsible for the directing the two music videos and a slideshow shown in the end. They managed to finish filming and editing in just two days.




Everyone returned to Toronto with a burning passion to share their leadership skills!


FOY coordinator, Andre Fullerton!

PROFILE: Boys and Girls Club of West Scarborough (Immaculate Heart of Mary)



One of the FOY staff, Matthew, plays with one of the campers.

The Boys and Girls Club of West Scarborough began in 1956. Its mission statement is to provide a safe, supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life.


Campers having the time of their lives while playing “Octopus”

The camp runs from the 1st week of July to the 3rd week of August, on weekdays from 8am-6pm. Its regular day includes a wide range of activities that include various sports, fitness/wellness activities, cooking/baking, dramatic arts, and arts and crafts. They also have field trips on Wednesdays and hold special events or games on Fridays.


Playing Lego during free time

Boys and Girls Club of West Scarborough employs Focus On Youth staff to provide high school students with work experience and to develop critical skills like responsibility, time management and patience.


Campers posing for the camera before heading to the pool


Campers having fun while the media team interviews them


More smiles!


FOY Staff: (Left to right) Matthew Ocampo, Michelle Aclan and Michael Nguyen, with some of the camp’s amazing kids!


Organization: Boys and Girls Club of West Scarborough

Location: Immaculate Heart of Mary, 101 Birchmount Rd, Scarborough ON

Dates/Times: 8 weeks from 1st week of July to 3rd week of August; From 8am to 6pm

Age: Grades 1-8

Contact Information:
Tanya Morris // T: 416-755-9215 // F: 416-755-7521

Website: BGCWS.CA

EVENT: Footsteps to Success — Bowling

footsteps to success

bowling balls

One of the FOY staff getting ready for her turn

On July 30th, 2014, Footsteps to Success: Blessed Mother Teresa went to Kennedy Bowl for their annual bowling trip.

Getting ready to bowl

Campers getting ready to bowl!

That talent!

A talented camper drew Mark Bryce!


One of the FOY staff teaching a camper the proper position to bowl

Campers enjoyed their time bowling and had the opportunity to bond with Focus On Youth staff in a more relaxed environment. Exclamations of wanting to come back could be heard throughout the day!

Andre and Janelle

FOY coordinators, Andre Fullerton and Janelle Curtis came bowling with the camp.

Let it be a spare

A camper hoping for spare!



Camper getting ready to bowl!