Profile: Father Henry Carr Custodial


Through Focus on Youth, you are able to choose which position you would like to do during the 6 weeks! Custodial is one of the positions that Focus on Youth offers. The custodians are placed in different camps and schools to maintain a healthy and clean environment for everyone!


Mopping the floors to keep them sparkling.

John Nguyen, shown in the photo above, was placed at Father Henry Carr as a custodian. Working hard everyday to keep the school spotless, John has become very efficient at what he does! From moving furniture to mopping floors to even waxing floors, there isn’t anything he can not do.


Stacking cardboard to prepare for September!

John spends his days cleaning around the school. He has become known for his hard work and diligence among his co workers. When John is around the school, there isn’t any sort of mess that goes unseen. He is an excellent worker that cares about the environment and the campers participating in the camp!

PROFILE: Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples


The Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples is an organization that provides youth in the area a new and fun way to learn. The campers are taught many different skills throughout the course of summer. The main goal of this camp is to respond to the various needs of the Spanish community, particularly the newcomers.


Team A is about to dominate the field.

Throughout the week, the campers participate in many activities that develops their individual skills. In the morning, the staff tutors the campers in different areas of education such as mathematics, literature, and arts and crafts. It is taught in an interactive and fun way to keep the campers engaged and learning all while having a great time with their classmates! After the tutoring sessions, the campers enjoy some free time outside to participate in many different activities.


Just hanging around with a few campers.

Aside from the various sports and activities, the campers can expect to learn something new about their heritage every week. The camp brings in different instructors that teach all types of Spanish dances. It is an important aspect of the camp that the campers know about their traditions and history.


The Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples brings together youth in the community and offers a fun escape away from video games. This camp provides an easy transition for Spanish newcomers. It is a great place to be!


FOY Staff: ChinChin Olaguir, Dwayne Lindsay, Ramier Mercurio, Julian Marco Salvador, Jacob LaFortune (JCM Centre)



The Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples

1865 Sheppard Ave W, Toronto, ON

July 6th – August 12th

6 years old – 14 years old

Contact Info:
647-648-2009 (David)


Profile: Grassroots


Grassroots is an organization that gives youth in the area an opportunity to train themselves into better people through basketball. The staff at Grassroots have taught the youth many important skills that will help them become the best they can be.


Look at the flick of the wrist!

Each day, the campers start off with light warm-ups to get the blood pumping to their muscles. After the warm-ups, they begin basketball drills that develop their hand-eye coordination skills. Drills range from weaving in between pylons to a one-on-one game. Following the drills, the coaches set up an intense basketball game that keeps everyone engaged and cheering their loudest.


It’s a bird.. It’s a plane.. No it’s just a camper taking flight!

Besides the basketball training and competitions, the campers are also enlightened by motivational speakers about growing up in a high-risk neighbourhood. There are many different speakers that come in so the youth can have different perspectives on how to become a better person.

At the Grassroots camp, you can expect to see many talented athletes with great passion for basketball. Every camper helps each other out, whether it be teaching the right form or learning to listen to teammates in a game. Everyone in this camp is like a big happy family sharing the same passion for basketball.


FOY Staff: Eduardo Rodriguez, Dennis Padilla (MCLUHAN Centre)



Chaminade College School
490 Queens Drive
M6L 1M8

July 2nd – August 6th

8 years old – 15 years old

Contact Info:
Tamara Brown


PROFILE: The Child Experience


The Child Experience is an organization that provides youth in the area an opportunity to participate in the community through fun and interactive ways. The camp provides various activities that keeps the kids engaged and always learning new things.


Campers sitting in a circle waiting for their next game.

This six-week summer program is full of spontaneous events that keep the campers attention. Split off into three groups based on their age range, each group rotates between sports, art, and drama. In each rotation, campers learn new skills and techniques all while making new friends and strengthening those friendships. Everyone learns new leadership skills and no one is left out in each of these activities. After three rotations, they proceed to lunch and move on to bigger activities. Throughout the week, trips are planned for the campers so that they can get more involved within the community!


Huckle buckle… knights on a horse!

Being apart of this camp is being in a big happy family. Everyone is welcoming and always smiling! This camp not only gives the opportunity to have fun, but also to build new friendships and leadership skills as well.

The Child Experience is a great organization that helps out many youth around the community. Campers learn something new everyday all while having lots of fun!


FOY Staff [left to right]: Tyreek Nosworthy (LIB), Selvin Leenus (JCM), Christian Lagasca (JCM), David Nkemitag (JCM), Henry Nunez (JCM), Keshia De Souza (JCM), Cristy Jacob (JCM)


The Child Experience

1685 Finch Ave, Toronto, Ontario
M3J 2G8

June 19th – August 7th

6 years old – 14 years old

Contact Info:



Profile: Urban Arts


The Urban Arts camp supports young people that aspire to become artists or have a passion for art itself. Many different arts ranging from painting to drama to singing to even playing sports. The goal of this camp is to unite and engage all the youth through the form of art.


Campers are getting ready for a drawing competition.

Throughout the day, the campers participate in many events that fulfills the theme of the camp. Each week there are different themes like sports, dance, drama, and even cooking! During that week, all the activities are based on that theme and it provides a new experience for each camper.


Field trip to the AGO! (Art Gallery of Ontario)

Besides staying at school, the campers also go out on field trips to learn more about the history of art and how to become a better artist too! Campers are enlightened about the different types of art so that they can broaden their perspective in the artistic world.



The Urban Arts organization is a great place for youth in the area to learn the importance of art and also expressing themselves as a person. This camp advocates the for youth to freely voice their thoughts through the form of art.


FOY Staff: Nana Amoah, Sean Sarangay, Bianca Robinson (JCM Centre)


Urban Arts

12 Duckworth St
M6M 4W4

July 6th – August 14th

8 years old – 14 years old

Contact Info:



PROFILE: Jamaican Canadian Association


The Jamaican Canadian Association is a non-charitable organization that reaches out to the youth in the community and teach them the importance of friendship and being a leader. The camp provides many activities that integrate the Jamaican cultural heritage.


This camper is showing off his skill with the traditional Jamaican drum!

Bright and early in the morning, the campers have a discussion with the counselors and play small mini games to start off their day on a positive note. Afterwards, they move on to bigger group activities where everyone is participating and having fun. All the age groups are mixed together for this big activity, which is wonderful since everyone gets along and radiates a friendly environment. One unique thing about this camp is that it not only focuses on letting the kids have fun, it incorporates the Jamaican tradition and ensures that the kids remember where their roots lie.


Campers enjoying themselves with the discussion session.

Aside from all the activities, the campers also participate in leadership workshops, chess games, arts and crafts, and academics. The whole week is filled with many spontaneous events ranging from drumming to movie nights to trips to the African Lion Safari!

The Jamaican Canadian Association is a place that values friendship within the camp. Activities and workshops assist the kids into building new and stronger friendships.


Focus on Youth Staff (left to right): Pamela Nosahkre (Grad Centre) , Nicole Osuigwe (FHC Centre)



Jamaican Canadian Association

995 Arrow Rd (West of Finch Ave. and 400)

July 6th – August 12th
Ages: 8 – 15

Contact Info:


PROFILE: Youth Now on Track – St. Philip Neri

YNOT Header 1200px

The Youth Now On Track is an organization that advocates for any struggling youth in the community. With their willingness to serve, they have contributed much to the society and helped youth in the area become the best they can be. This camp provides many activities that keep the campers engaged and learning all while having fun!


Hide and Seek with the campers!

The campers start off their day with sports and activities to help introduce one another. Afterwards, the staff runs workshops for the kids that assist in building their leadership skills as well as their thinking skills. Activities range from arts and crafts to playing outside with chalk! All around the camp, you can expect to see only smiles and great energy from the youth as well as staff. Throughout the week, various events are held such as a fashion show, trips to the park, and creating necklaces out of beads. A unique aspect about this camp is that it integrates fun and education together.


“Look at me paint this!”

The fun not only stops there! Leadership workshops are also incorporated into the jam packed week. Campers learn about the importance of being a leader and helping others who need help. Teamwork is an important aspect of this camp.

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The Youth Now On Track camp is a marvellous place that welcomes everyone with open arms. Campers within the camp are guaranteed a packed schedule full of exciting and new adventures! All of these activities and events develop the campers teamwork and education.


FOY Staff (left to right):  Israel Omoruyi, Anmol Kaur, Mofijioluwa Jide-Adebayo                (FHC Centre)



Youth Now On Track

St. John the Evangelist Catholic School
20 Beverly Hills Drive,
Downsview, M3L 1A1

July 4th – August 26th

8 years old – 17 years old

Contact Info: