PROFILE: Urban Arts Camp



In the early 2000’s, a group of people who lived in the Weston- Mount Dennis community had a love for the arts and wanted to put on plays and performances within the community. Unable to secure funding for their endeavours, the group took it upon themselves to teach children the importance of arts and the freedom of expression that comes along with them. Urban Arts was founded shortly thereafter, “engaging youth through the arts”!


Teaching the kids different games they can play with their friends!


Playing some Huckle Buckle!

Today, the Urban Arts organization has blossomed. A not-for-profit operation out of the Weston – Mount Dennis neighbourhood. They offer a series of programs such as music, dance, visual arts and leadership. The organization services approximately 400 children throughout the year.


Playing a fun game of ladders with the campers!


They got super into it!

As a means to accomodate the children whom they do not get to work with throughout the year, they offer a summer program. This summer program – a condensed version of all the programs that the Urban Arts organization runs throughout the year – begins on July 2 and runs until August 15.

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The FOY staff working with Urban Arts! Shanice, Chelsea, Abiola, Veronica, Jan-Aura

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Urban Arts


Chaminade College School

490 Queens Dr

Toronto, ON M6L 1M8


July 7 – August 15, 2014

9:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Contact Info:


Beats.Mind.Movement Coordinator



PROFILE: Toronto Kiwanis Boys And Girls Club

 Visit their website.

The Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club (TKBGC) is a non-profit charitable organization that was founded in the 1900’s. Within their community, TKBGC’s goal is to provide needed resources, after school programs and at other times when youth are not in school, to help young people reach their potential.


TKBGC offer many other programs throughout the year such as; leadership development and employment preparation, the Safe Walk Home program and various evening youth programs.


The TKBGC is created to be an inclusive, receptive atmosphere for all children who attend this organizations programs. The Club focuses on enabling young people to develop life skills and values essential to becoming healthy contributing individuals within the community.

Take a look at TKBGC at the park! 

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Here is one of TKBGC’s awesome FOY staff, Rica!



Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club


TP Loblaw at St. Mary’s Catholic School
Club Site
20 Portugal Sq.,
Toronto, ON
M6J 3P2


Contact Info:

Louise Ross
Coordinator, Children’s Services 
416-925-2243 ext. 24


PROFILE: Central Neighbourhood House

CNH- new

The Central Neighbourhood House (CNH) is an organization which provides programing for children in the St. James Town West Park and Region Park communities. They offer several programs such as arts and crafts, sports, drama, science and dance.

pic 7pic 5

CNH was founded in 1911. CNH is the second oldest settlement agency in Toronto! CNH was created because a need was seen in the community for new comers ages 0 – 99. Other programs that CNH offer are: Women’s Club, Stroke Survivor’s Club, Vunerable Senior’s Program and Children & Youth Programs!

image (5)image (6)

At their summer camps, CNH offers various field trips for their campers. These field trips allow their campers to do new, exciting and adventurous activities that some kids would not normally get the chance to do. Some field trips that they go on include, Canada’s Wonderland, Wild Water Kingdom and going to the Toronto Zoo.

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image (4)

The AMAZING FOY staff working at CNH; Kaitlin, Sheldon and Rafayet.

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Central Neighbourhood House


Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School
444 Sherbourne Street
Toronto, ON
M4X 1K2


July 2nd to August 22nd, 2014
Monday to Friday
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Contact Info:

Chantel Guthrie
Camp Coordinator




Ever wonder how our schools get so clean over the summer? Miguel Agudelo and Jessica Peters are two hardworking student custodians that work through the summer months to ensure that schools are squeaky clean come September.

Miguel admiring the view while  he finishes up cleaning the windows.

Miguel admiring the view while he finishes up cleaning the windows.

Miguel attends Senator O’Connor C.S.S, whereas Jessica attends Madonna C.S.S. This summer, they’re cleaning Marshall McLuhan C.S.S, located in the Avenue Road/Eglinton area. It’s a big school — four floors — so their work it cut out for them!

Jessica never misses a spot!

Jessica never misses a spot!

Their daily routine consists of stacking the chairs, cleaning desks and classrooms, and removing graffiti and rusts from lockers. Because the school is so large, they divide their tasks up between them: sometimes they each take a separate floor to work on or divide their tasks up on a single floor. This helps them learn teamwork and time management working with only one other student to complete such a large project.

The two get along well with each other and their supervisors.

“My favourite part about working here is my co-worker,” said Jessica. “Miguel and the older custodians as well as the teachers. Without them I would not have the drive within me to come to work every day — they make work fun!”

Since working as a custodian, Miguel said that he has learned how to be punctual, “I am not late for work because I know that it takes time away from the other custodians”. Miguel and Jessica both agreed that working as a custodian has helped them pick up valuable skills that will help them in future employment.

PROFILE: Minghui School of Canada

logo MSClogo MSC

logo MSCMinghui School of Canada was established in 2000 by parents who wanted to enrol their children in a program where they could learn about traditional Chinese culture.

Prepping for Lion Dance Practice.

Prepping for Lion Dance Practice!

This program runs for 6 weeks in the summer time, July 2nd to August 8th. It runs from 8:30 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon from Monday to Friday. Minghui joined Focus on Youth in 2008 to join a community with great parent outreach and an established “people-helping-people” culture.

Staff play a game with the kids.

FOY staff run a game of Zombie with the kids!

With humble beginnings as a program run by a single family, the organization has grown to community centres and schools across Toronto. Such rapid expansion — more than 100 children have graduated from the program since 2008 — can be attributed to the consistently positive feedback from parents and the visible, positive growth shown by participants.

The kids take part in 30 minutes of meditation.

The kids take part in 30 minutes of meditation.

The Bilingual Chinese Program offers opportunities for children who would like to learn traditional Chinese culture. They learn to read and write Chinese characters. Through storytelling and arts and crafts activities, they engage in meaningful conversations carried out in Mandarin and English. They also gave outdoor activities that they are familiar with (e.g. sports, nature walks, museum trips, etc.) and have many opportunities to report these activities in speaking and writing modes.

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Organization: The Minghui School of Canada


St. Gerald Catholic Elementary School

200 Old Sheppard Ave

Toronto, Ontario

M2J 3L9

Ages: 7-13

Dates / Times:

6 weeks


8:30 am – 4:30 pm


Contact Info:

Alice Huynh


PROFILE: The Royal Ontario Museum

ROM old logo

Visit the ROM website

“The ROM relies on its people to fulfill its mission and vision. Employees and volunteers are responsible for every aspect of operation, management, and governance. These individuals fulfill diverse and complementary roles in acquiring, preserving and interpreting the collections. Many dedicate their time and their own personal resources to supplement Museum funds. Their valuable contributions shape the growth and continued success of the Museum” – Excerpt from ROM Website 

This year, a few Focus on Youth leaders were given the once-in-a-life-time opportunity to spend their summer months working at the Royal Ontario Museum.

ROM Staff & Supervisor, Alexandra Cooper

ROM Staff & Supervisor, Alexandra Cooper

When asked their reason for teaming up with Focus on Youth, Alexandra Cooper (organization supervisor) responded by saying,  “…we partnered up with FOY because we love having enthusiastic staff at the Museum in the front house learning customer service, cash handling skills and escalating conflict. We found that the students in Focus on Youth last year were exemplary and it’s our pleasure to have them again this year at the Royal Ontario Museum. We hope to continue this arrangement in years to come. The students this year are doing a great job and to top it all, lot of them have become more confident. I hope they will be able to use the skills we have given them here in their future endeavours”. 


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The Focus on Youth Staff at the ROM are able to form strong work habits like organization, social etiquette, staying on task and responsibility. Some of their duties include assisting customers and visitors, handing out brochures, administration work and running errands to guarantee a smooth day at the Royal Ontario Museum.

With the thought of the conclusion of their work placement, the Focus on Youth representatives wished to have more time added to their experience at the ROM; “we love it here, you have no idea how much we look forward to work each day. I don’t even want to leave!” – Angel (FOY/ROM Staff)


FOY Staff: Matthew, Angel, ______, ______ & Nick

FOY Staff: Matthew, Glyn, Wanessa, Angel & Nick

Interested in gaining an amazing work experience next year at the ROM? If so, then apply to Focus on Youth and have a fulfilling summer ahead of you!



Organization: The Royal Ontario Museum


100 Queen’s Park

Toronto, Ontario M5S 2C6

Dates/Times: 9:30PM – 5:30PM


Contact Info:

Alexandra Cooper

Telephone: (416) 586-5510


PROFILE: Custodial Position (James Cardinal McGuigan)


The Focus on Youth program not only provides youth across the Toronto Catholic District School board over 300 camp counselor jobs but also several opportunities for custodial positions. This group of individuals are hired to assist with the custodial duties in several high school across the board and lessen the work load of caretakers during summer as they prepare for the coming school year.


Joshua Reid, a student of Msgr Percy Johnson, is one such Focus on Youth worker who was given the opportunity to work as a supporting custodian at James Cardinal McGuigan. His daily routine at work consists of; moping the floors, sweeping, buffering and assisting the school’s custodians with various tasks.

During his interview with us, he mentioned, “my job has given me a new sense of responsibility. I now know how to be punctual and also pay close attention to details. It’s essential in this job”.

Good luck to Joshua in his future endeavours!


School of Placement: James Cardinal McGuigan

Dates: July 2nd – August 14th