Focus on Youth provides many jobs to high school students as Camp Counsellors, Media Team and Administrator. Although there is one lesser known but highly valued position, Custodial. Out of the hundreds of students hired, a select few are chosen to be custodians, like Kyle Sih.

Here is Kyle, hard at work:

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Kyle is placed at St. Maria Goretti where one of the East Scarborough Boys and Girls Club summer camp also takes place. He devotes his time to ensuring that the classrooms and camps are clean. He helps prepare the school for next year, making sure desks are spotless, and garbage free. He also cleans the walls, the bathrooms, and ensures that the floors spotless and waxed.

Everyday Kyle comes in bright and early at 7:30am and ends his day 3:30pm, and begins his daily routine. Along side his coworkers, they select a classroom, and start with the furniture. They ensure that all desks are empty and clean, and take them out so they can begin cleaning the floors and the walls. Once they complete a few rooms, they move on to cleaning the bathrooms, ensuring that all toilets, urinals, sinks, walls, floors, and ceiling are clean. Without the hard work of Kyle and his coworkers, the school wouldn’t be clean inside and out.


Profile: Father Henry Carr Custodial


Through Focus on Youth, you are able to choose which position you would like to do during the 6 weeks! Custodial is one of the positions that Focus on Youth offers. The custodians are placed in different camps and schools to maintain a healthy and clean environment for everyone!


Mopping the floors to keep them sparkling.

John Nguyen, shown in the photo above, was placed at Father Henry Carr as a custodian. Working hard everyday to keep the school spotless, John has become very efficient at what he does! From moving furniture to mopping floors to even waxing floors, there isn’t anything he can not do.


Stacking cardboard to prepare for September!

John spends his days cleaning around the school. He has become known for his hard work and diligence among his co workers. When John is around the school, there isn’t any sort of mess that goes unseen. He is an excellent worker that cares about the environment and the campers participating in the camp!


Every year, Focus on Youth hires custodians to help maintain and clean schools during the summer for the upcoming school year. Brandon Sugia is a custodian working with Focus On Youth at Our Lady of Victory Catholic School this year. Sugia enjoys his job of keeping the school nice and clean for the campers currently there, as well as for the students who will be returning in September.

Sugia starts his work day at 8am, and ends at 4pm. His daily tasks vary day to day depending on what his supervisors assign. Once the plans for the day have been decided, Sugia works with his coworkers to get the work done efficiently.

There are many things that must be done to keep the schools clean for students and campers. Classrooms must be cleaned, including all the furniture inside, staircases have to be mopped, railings and windows have to be wiped, and hallways have to be swept. The floors have to be waxed before school starts in fall, and little to no dust or dirt left. The main goal is for the students to start the year with a clean environment.

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Brandon Sugia (Johnson Centre)


Aside from the well known position of working as a Camp Counselor, Custodians were hired as well through Focus on Youth. These custodians are placed throughout most of the schools working closely with a caretaker for the upcoming school year. This custodian, Jasswin Deniston is one of the many special custodians working today.


Sorting out library books

Placed at his elementary school, St. Lawrence, Jasswin takes pride in cleaning in, out, and all around the school. He wakes up every morning with huge motivation to keep him going throughout the day. He works from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM making sure that everything is clean and safe before September hits.


Jasswin with his caretaker

He starts off every morning with a litter check around the school to keep the environment clean and eco-friendly. Afterwards he assists his caretaker with tasks that are needed to be done such as: cleaning the desks, waxing the floors, cleaning the bathrooms, and many more.


Getting ready to mop the floors

We wish Jasswin best of luck as he enters his final year of high school at Senator O’Connor.


Jasswin the Custodian



The Custodian, Dat, taking in the view of his summer camp

Dat, The Centro Educativo camp worker, is a hardworking custodian who believes in keeping the surroundings of his fellow campers as clean as possible. He delivers great work and most importantly, he makes sure that the campers are comfortable wherever they go on the compound. Dat is an extremely diligent, understanding individual who tries his best to get his work done. He loves being a custodian and would not have traded his summer job this year for the world.

Got a quick snap of Dat after his day of work.

Got a quick snap of Dat after his day of work.

On a regular daily basis at work, Dat comes in at approximately 9:00 in the morning, begins his regular cleaning routine which includes: cleaning the tables, sweeping the hallways and taking out the garbage. Afterwards, he engages in a short break period, where he relaxes. Then he prepares to go home and that wraps up his day. Also, he has developed an exceptional relationship with his supervisor, who is the caretaker of the St. Simon’s C.S.S. Throughout the summer, they’ve developed a “father-son bond”.



Focus On Youth offers various summer positions and one of them is custodial. Out of 300 students that were chosen to become part of program, a few lucky ones became custodians. Prasath Cristy is a custodian at Our Lady of Fatima. He devotes his summer to ensure the cleanliness of the school in preparation for the upcoming school year.

West teaching Prasath how to put on new paper towels in the dispenser.

West teaching Prasath how to put on new paper towels in the dispenser.

Prasath prepping for the day ahead.

Prasath prepping for the day ahead.

In the morning, Prasath starts the day sweeping and mopping classrooms with his mentor West. He is a quick learner and ensures that he finishes all the work given to him. As a custodian, he plays a huge role on making the classroom clean for the kids in the coming year. He sees this as a huge responsibility, so he ensures everything is done promptly and properly.

In the afternoon, Prasath spends his time cleaning washrooms and the second floor of the school. He changes the paper towels in the dispenser, wipes windows and prepares all the materials needed to keep the classroom clean throughout the school year. After camp, he also cleans up the mess the kids have made.

When all of his work is done, Prasath spends his time with the kids. He loves their energy as they become his motivation. Prasath creates great relationships with his coworkers and appreciates what custodians do for the school. He loves his job because it teaches him responsibility, organization skills and team work.

Focus on Youth Custodian
Our Lady of Fatima
3176 St Clair Ave E, Toronto, ON M1L 1V6
July 6 – August 14 2015
8am – 4pm
Contact Information:
Andre Fullerton

(416) 222 – 8282 ext. 2310