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Child Development Institite (CDI) is a children’s mental health agency, providing services and programs for youth 0-18, and their families. Focus on Youth is a supportive organization giving a helping hand to the CDI.


CDI was formed in 2004 when Earlscourt Child and Family Centre, and the West End Creche in Toronto merged. Both organizations have been helping children, families, and community needs for over 100 years. Currently, CDI provides tools and support to children and families, as well as mental health services.


Focus on Youth workers are easy to interact with, bring positive energy, and lend that extra hand that the kids need to help them along the way.



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Organization: Child Development Institute (CDI)

Location: St. Clare (124 Northcliffe Blvd.)

Ages: 0-18

Date/Times: Monday-Friday, 9AM to 5PM

Profile: Blessed Mother Teresa: Grade 8 Transition Program


The Transition Program is designed to give grade 8 students a feeling of what Blessed Mother Teresa is about. Three quarters of the students that attend this program are going into grade 9 in September. It is student planned, and student lead. The program offers Math and English classes, complete with high school credits, as well as programs in art and dance. The Focus on Youth employees serve as leaders and role models to the students.

A participant joins into to the spirit by wearing her hawaiian attire while playing games

Participants playing the Wet Sponge game.

There are different themes each day. For example, on July 12th, 2013, the theme was Hawaiian, and so the leaders and some of the participants dressed in Hawaiian attire while playing indoor and outdoor games for the Activity Day.

councillors and campers




Organization:  Blessed Mother Teresa: Grade 8 Transition Program

Location(s): 40 Sewells Road, Scarborough, ON M1B 3G5    

Ages:  Grade 8 Students


Contact Info:  416-393-5538

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