Profile: The Child Experience Canada Summer Camps

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Focus On Youth Camp Counselor Chelsea Anirood, encouraging the campers with their art activity.

The Child Experience Canada Summer Camps were created to give children ages 6-12 a fun and active summer. The programs are student led, and student planned. Sports, drama activities, and arts and crafts are the focus of their programs. Campers are encouraged to participate in all three activities every day. Also, the campers take part in games, songs, cheers, and team building exercises.

The energetic campers in the Our Lady of Fatima location, with their Camp Counselors

The main focus of The Child Experience Camps is to provide an affordable summer camp experience. Every day, the campers rotate to different stations several times. The stations include physical activities, arts and crafts, drama, and games. There are scheduled visits to parks, pools, and splash pads within their community on a weekly basis. The camps also have field trips, usually on the second and fourth weeks to a variety of destinations within Toronto. Additionally, inter-camp events occur, where two or three camp locations come together for competitions and activities.

FOY employee Melissa joins the campers to create a team of 10 during a game of Molecules

Leadership and team building skills are just some of what the kids come away with. Campers who attend The Child Experience Summer Camps are inspired to be leaders and counselors.

The campers attentively listen while their counselors give instructions on their task to make the tallest paper tower and figure out how to make it stay up
Camp Counselor Chelsea puts the campers into teams




FOY employees David Roach and Dyinka Edwards, with their co-workers and some campers
David Roach and Dyinka Edwards are the only FOY employees at the the St. Martin de Porres, but are said to be very helpful as they utilize what they learned from the Camp Olympia training weekend
FOY employees from the Our Lady of Fatima location (left to right: Sarah Daniel, Chelsea Anirood, Lizette Guallar, Katrina Lorenzo and Melissa Esteron) are all smiles, despite the busy day at camp


Organization: The Child Experience Canada Summer Camps


@ Blessed John XXIII
175 Grenoble Drive

@ Our Lady of Fatima
3176 St Clair Avenue East

@ St. Lawrence
2216 Lawrence Avenue East

@ St. Martin de Porres
230 Morningside Avenue

@ St. Jerome
111 Sharpecroft Blvd.

(for ages 5-8)
@ St. Martin
55 Salisbury Avenue

Don Mills
@ St. Timothy
25 Rochelle Crescent

@ Fairglen Public School
2200 Pharmacy Avenue

Ages: 6-12

Dates / Times: 5 Weeks


Contact Info:

Office Phone:

647-GOT-CAMP (647-468-2267)

E-mail addresses:

Profile: St. Bernadette’s Summer Camp

St. Bernadette’s FRC

A Focus on Youth leader reading The Wizard of Oz to the group

St. Bernadette’s Summer Camp was founded in 1991 by Angie Carboni. The Toronto Association of Community Living sponsored and supported St. Bernadette’s during the initial stages of its creation. Today, it’s a summer camp for children ages 6-8, from 9am to 5pm. The camp starts on July 2nd, and runs until August 17th at D’arcy McGee. It is a member of Catholic Charities, and is non-profit and non-denominational. It combines youth with developmental and/or physical challenges (such as Autism, Down Syndrome, etc.) with other “able” children.

The rules of the camp (HAVE FUN!)

It’s a big camp with lots of kids, so everyone will get a chance to meet someone new.  The main objective of the camp is to provide affordable child care in a secure community. It has a focus on prayer, and following God’s guidance. Children enrolled in the program have the opportunity to participate in activities like swimming, picnics, and many other exciting things.

The group of friendly Focus on Youth leaders at this location

This is the first year that the participants will be putting on an end of summer play – The Wizard of Oz. Many of their activities feed into this, such as reading the novel, and painting posters and decorations for their play.








Painting a Wizard of Oz banner for the play at the end of their camp session













Organization: St. Bernadette’s Family Resource Centre

Location: D’Arcy McGee Catholic Elementary School, 20 Bansley Ave

Ages: 6-8

Date/Times: July 2nd – August 17th (weekly programs) 9am – 5pm


Contact info: or  416-654-9810

Profile: Triple Balance

Triple Balance

Triple Balance is a day camp with two facilities: Blessed Mother Teresa in the east, and St. Basil in the west. The organization is managed by Bryan Cando, and the camp focuses on sports, leadership, and people coming together to build lasting friendships.

Representing TB at the Ontario Science Centre!

There is no such thing as ‘strangers’ at Triple Balance. Once you are part of the program, you become part of a family. This happens through playing games and sports. The important element is how everyone is unique, and brings something different to the group, creating a sense of diversity. Each child has their own sense of creativity.

Triple Balance is a safe and great camp to be at, and they recognize the goodness of advertising health, love and respect in the communities they are a part of. Triple Balance will continue to strengthen its efforts to provide health-related education in all its services. Focus on Youth is excited to continue their partnership with this awesome program.

Replenishing their energy
Jacob, Marcelo, Xavier and Andres with world-famous star Sonic The Hedgehog

Participants in the Triple Balance camp attend many day trips – most recently, The Ontario Science Centre, followed by High Park’s Nature Walk, Wild Water Kingdom , Canada’s Wonderland, and trips to the cinemas. The camp understands the dangers that the sun brings, and finds solutions to ‘beat the heat’ by attending these cool and refreshing trips.

Sharing the secret about the whereabouts of the Bat Cave! SHHHHHH!
Learning how a tornado works, hands on
Who needs Brazil? It’s much safer in The Science Center Rain Forest


Houston… we have a problem… I Don’t think Angel and Roberto are tall enough to ride this ride.
Focus on Youth Staff – Merna Negma, Victoria Boatang, Oriola Omotunde, Marfo Obang


Organization: Triple Balance

Location: St. Basil’s, 20 Starview Lane

Ages: 4-16

Date/Times: Monday-Friday, 9AM to 4PM

Profile: The Education Academy

Education Academy Logo

Focus on Youth leader Marsha making bracelets with a camper

The Education Academy (T.E.A.) at St. Aidan began as a volunteer-based program in 2008. Their main focus was, and still is to build the character of children. This year’s primary focus is French,  since Canada is a bilingual country. The program has grown each year by word of mouth alone, with no advertising, resulting in children coming all the way from Etobicoke and Whitby.


The organization’s target age range is from Junior kindergarten to Grade 8. They keep the program as cheap as possible, so it will be accessible to everyone. The goal of the organization is to motivate the campers, and let them have a safe and fun experience throughout the summer.


All T.E.A. programs live by what they call their T.O.P. philosophy, which stands for Teachers LOves Pupils. T.E.A. is known for creating a caring community, and a homey atmosphere for all of it pupils.


Campers making paper mache lions for their circus theme of the week
Kids learning French


Organization:  The Education Academy (T.E.A.)

Location(s):  St. Aiden Catholic Elementary School, 3501 Finch Avenue East, Scarborough, East of Warden)

Ages:  6-14

Dates / Times:  July 2 – August 9 (weekly programs) – 9:00 am – 4:00 pm


Contact Info: or 416-828-6192

Other Info:  T.E.A. also offers evening, weekend, and after school programs and has several locations in the GTA and surrounding areas.  Go to their website for more information.

PROFILE: Boys and Girls Club of West Scarborough


Boys and Girls Club located at Mary Ward.

The Boys and Girls Club of West Scarborough began in 1956 as a boys-only program, later extending to include girls. In addition to summer programs for 6-8 year-old children at Mary Ward and Immaculate Heart of Mary, the organization also provides youth programs at the West Scarborough Neighbourhood Community Centre, including workshops on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in partnership with Gap to help campers write resumés and cover letters.


Their mission statement is “to provide a safe, supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life.

photo 1 (2)

Last year, the Boys and Girls Club held a one-week excursion where the participants lived in cabins. This year, they are planning to host a Carnival Day, to which participants around the GTA are invited to attend. During Carnival Day, the participants can engage in tournaments, face painting, and arts and crafts activities. A jumping castle will also be available.

photo 3 (1)
The Boys and Girls Club Immaculate Heart of Mary Location takes part in a presentation about Engineering, by University of Toronto engineering students

This organization also offers the V.I.B.E program, youth-lead and planned for their communities. Additionally, it offers full year, holiday, and after-school programs, as well as homework help and movie nights. Alongside these amazing programs, the organization holds a one-week sleepover for 9-12 year olds 3 times a year. During that week, participants can go swimming, play sports, and have a makeover session.


Camper making slime with the U of T engineering students.
Focus On Youth Employees Michelle Valenzuela and Christine Crisolo with their campers during tennis lessons.


Organization: Boys and Girls Club of West Scarborough


Immaculate Heart of Mary, 101 Birchmount Road

Mary Ward, 3200 Kennedy Road

Ages: 6-12

Dates / Times: 8 week summer program


Contact info: 416- 502- 9399

PROFILE: Urban Arts


Focus on Youth employees setting up the activity for the morning

The Urban Arts summer program has been running for over five years, with Focus on Youth leaders working with them for most of those. The mission statement of the program is “Engaging youth through the arts.”

Artists at work!

The regular schedule consists of improv and comedy workshops on Mondays, dance workshops on Tuesdays, music workshops on Thursdays, and art workshops on Fridays. Every Wednesday, campers go on trips that include swimming and visits to the Art Gallery of Ontario, the zoo, Sunshine Camp (a senior’s camp), and Wild Water Kingdom.

Campers getting their daily exercise in before they start their art

This year, there are three Focus on Youth leaders working with the camp; they provide leadership and assistance, enthusiasm, creativity, fun, and positive attitudes for the participants of the camp. One of the Focus on Youth leaders from last year has even been hired as a staff member this year.



The group and their leaders


Organization:  Urban Arts

Location(s): Chaminade, 490 Queen’s Dr.

Ages:  7-14

Dates / Times:  July 2 – August 9- 9:00 am – 3:00 pm


PROFILE: Under the Rainbow



Under the Rainbow began  eight years ago as a before and after school program. Today, it is a summer camp for children ages 5-8, running from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. They have a small group of less than ten participants per week, attending at an affordable cost.


This is the first year that the camp has been held at St. Elizabeth; the past three years, was held in Etobicoke. Focus on Youth has been working with the organization for two years, and this year there is one leader working at the camp.


The main objectives of the camp are to give the participants a positive attitude toward their peers and students, to help them learn more about themselves, to provide opportunities for parental involvement, to focus on each child as a whole, to show the importance of community services, and to have fun! Campers go on trips to the library and park, and have visits at the camp from firemen and policemen. On a regular day they read, draw, and participate in other fun activities and games.





Organization:  Under the Rainbow


Our Lady of Victory, 70 Guestville Ave.

St. Elizabeth, 5 Redcar Avenue

Ages:  5-8

Dates / Times: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm


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