PROFILE: Tropicana Community Services (St. Barnabas)

Located at St. Barnabas Catholic School, campers can be seen having fun at the Tropicana Community Services  (TCS) camp. Tropicana Community Services was founded by Robert Brown approximately 37 years ago. He had the assistance with those who were immigrating from the Caribbean. The company’s name was formed from “tropi-” in Tropical and “-cana” from Canada, making the known name of Tropicana.  ... Continue Reading →

PROFILE: Dmitrik Sports

Hoop House Basketball, located at Dante Alighieri Academy, is a sensational camp in order for kids to hone their skills in basketball. This camp was founded by Michael Dmitrik who has had a passion for basketball and he now has over 10 years of experience with being a certified NCCP (national certificate coaching program) coach. Hoop House... Continue Reading →

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