Footsteps to Success

Footsteps to Success” is one of two camps founded by Andre Fullerton and community partners, created to become involved with youth, and to help urban communities to move forward. The three Footsteps to Success locations are St. Mother Teresa Catholic Academy and Father Henry Carr CSS.

The goal is to build up the community by investing in youth, to give them a different outlook, stronger self-identification, and expose them to different opportunities. The Focus on Youth students bring youthful perspective, positive energy, enthusiasm, and serve as great role models.

The camps are split into Arts and Crafts, Leadership, or Sports sections. Footsteps is affiliated with the Toronto Catholic District School Board, and the Malvern Family/Community Resource Centre. It is also sponsored by supporting partners like Urban Arts, Toronto Community Housing, Jays Care, Kaleidoscope (Scarborough Arts), and Focus on Youth, among others.


Footsteps Camp is for youth ages 5-13, and runs from July 4th – August 11th. The weekly agenda of this camp includes serving breakfast along with a morning introduction done by the Focus on Youth camp counsellors every morning to get the campers energized and ready for their day. The campers proceed with their daily routine, which includes Arts and Crafts, Leadership, and Sports camp. Once a week campers go on a field trip to exciting places such as the Ontario Science Center, Canada’s Wonderland, Royal Ontario Museum, Center Island, Wild Water Kingdom, University of Toronto Varsity Sports Center, and other weekly trips to local parks and libraries.

A shot of previous FOY staff who worked with Footsteps to Success


This program is a great opportunity for both the campers and staff, for it gives them the time to work and develop relationships and bond. Footsteps to Success creates an environment where children can always have someone to talk to.

Campers and staff would make crafts such as authentic teddy bears and Masquerade masks. Children are exposed to new artistic skills and techniques to promote creativity and imagination. There are many workshops in the camp held throughout the summer. Through this camp, campers were introduced and exposed to established artists in the society such as drummers, dancers and spoken word artists. These workshops gave both the children to explore new artistic approaches and pathways.

Reema Xavier, Footsteps to Success Arts Camp, Blessed Mother Teresa


There are many Sports to choose from in Footsteps to Success. Whether it be basketball, volleyball, soccer, badminton, ping pong, football, rugby, rookie ball, or tennis. Everyday has been a day that the kids grow, with the counsellors and campers ultimately growing the camp from within. Guest speakers are often invited to speak to the campers, providing them life changing advice, stories, and powerful motivational speeches to help the campers with their futures and become better individuals as result. The Footsteps Sports Camp encourages children to live a healthy, active lifestyle, so that by using their energy and time where it counts, they will always have a good day.


This program is a great experience for both campers and staff. The Staff gain valuable experience about their own strengths and weaknesses, on people and their personalities while also on handling various types of situations. Campers get the chance to expand their interests, whether it is arts, leadership or sports. There is also several opportunities to go on various trips such as wild water kingdom, swimming and much more.

Throughout the six weeks, friendships develop while campers and staff alike are provided with the opportunity to bond . Kids become involved in different games to improve different aspects of socialization. Kids are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone, and solve situations that come their way. All while continuously being challenged with games that motivate, inspire and mold them into future leaders.

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