The Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club Logo
The Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club Logo

Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club is known as “The Club that beats the Streets”  with their friendly and energetic staff and club members.

Mannie D'Elias, Program Director
Mannie D’Elias, Program Director

The Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club began in 1957 for boys and girls from ages 7 to 17. Through the years they have expanded the program, and currently the club is for boys and girls ages 4-17. The Dovercourt Boys & Girls club have their own building along with a location at St. Anthony Catholic Elementary School which is right across from each other.

This program welcomes everyone with open arms and helps children and youth in developing their athletic, artistic, academic and social school. Since the positive staff have great attitudes when interacting, it reflects in the enthusiastic children and youth along with making them feel like they belong to a family. During this program children and youth will experience doing several activities which includes arts and crafts, swimming, tennis, drama, playing at the park as well as the gym. In addition, they go on field trips such as farms, movies and Wild Water Kingdom.

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This club joined with Focus on Youth because “It’s a good program to get students working with children and it’s an opportunity to give back” Shelly (Dovercourt Staff). The heartwarming experience and individuals at Dovercourt make children and youth look forward to their day spent their day at the “best camp in the world”. – Mia (5 year old camper)

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FOY Staff: Luigi,Tanae, Aniel, Cristina, Aimee, Ischel, Lemuel, Jillian, Joanne, Vanessa
FOY Staff: Luigi, Tanae, Aniel, Cristina, Aimee, Ischel, Lemuel, Jillian, Joanne, Vanessa
FOY Staff: Allison, Luke, Milne
FOY Staff: Allison, Luke, Milne


Organization: Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club


Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club

180 Westmoreland Ave

Toronto, Ontario

M6H 3A2

St. Anthony Catholic School

130 Shanly Street

Toronto, Ontario

M6H 1L9


9 Weeks

June 30 –  August 29


Contact Info:

Mannie D’Elias – Program Director

(416) 536-4102


Profile: Dovercourt Boys & Girls Camp (St. Anthony)


The Dovercourt Boys & Girls Club is an amazing youth program that welcomes kids of all ages. The Boys & Girls Club have their own building, as well as a placement down the street at St. Anthony Elementary School. They have staff and student leaders who exhibit a great attitude on a day to day basis, along with a gorgeous location, and day by day activities that keep the kids coming back. This is a first-rate place for children of all ages to enjoy!


Game time

Not only does this program run in the summer and march breaks, it also runs throughout the year. Over breaks and special schedules, they are open from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm.


Getting ready for’ what time is it mr.wolf’

Over 320 kids attend the summer camp daily. The kids are given hourly choices of different activities that are prepared that day.


Everyone runs from the wolf

This is the first year that the Boys & Girls Club operated out of St. Anthony, it is also the first year they had Focus on Youth staff.


We got 3 wolfs!


What time is it, Mr.Wolf?


1 o’clock


Staff are also having fun too!


Staff helping out


More games!

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Organization: Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club

Location(s): St. Anthony Catholic Elementary School, 130 Shanly Street

Ages: All ages

Dates/Times: 6 weeks in the summer


Contact Info:

Telephone: (416) 536-4102