Centro Educativo Canada: St. Simon


The Centro Educativo Summer Camp is affiliated with all the campers both academically and physically, in the sense that, it pays specific attention to sports and most importantly, to education. This camp believes that campers should still be focused and alert pertaining to their academics, especially during the summer holidays.

The campers finishing up class

The Centro Educativo Summer Camp teaches the kids mathematics, english and writing skills on a daily basis. Its aim is to make sure that each camper leaves the summer camp as successful as possible, learning something valuable so as to educate others kids like themselves.

Campers engaging in arts and crafts

This camp attempts  to work hand in hand with the parents, as they are also one of the institution’s main priority. This is evident since the camp begins at such an early time, so as to co-operate with parents who must arrive at work very early in the mornings.

From left to right: Vanessa, Natalie, Zomaria, Joy, Shanique, Zipporah, (In front) Ashley

The FOY staff enjoy working as camp counsellors at the Centro Educativo Summer Camp because it permitted them to develop great relationships with the campers. They have become less strangers and more like family members.



20 Wallasey Ave – St. Simon C.S

Date: July 6, – August 14

Time: 8:30 – 4:30

Contact Information: 416-744-9409

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