Focus On Youth offers various summer positions and one of them is custodial. Out of 300 students that were chosen to become part of program, a few lucky ones became custodians. Prasath Cristy is a custodian at Our Lady of Fatima. He devotes his summer to ensure the cleanliness of the school in preparation for the upcoming school year.

West teaching Prasath how to put on new paper towels in the dispenser.
West teaching Prasath how to put on new paper towels in the dispenser.
Prasath prepping for the day ahead.
Prasath prepping for the day ahead.

In the morning, Prasath starts the day sweeping and mopping classrooms with his mentor West. He is a quick learner and ensures that he finishes all the work given to him. As a custodian, he plays a huge role on making the classroom clean for the kids in the coming year. He sees this as a huge responsibility, so he ensures everything is done promptly and properly.

In the afternoon, Prasath spends his time cleaning washrooms and the second floor of the school. He changes the paper towels in the dispenser, wipes windows and prepares all the materials needed to keep the classroom clean throughout the school year. After camp, he also cleans up the mess the kids have made.

When all of his work is done, Prasath spends his time with the kids. He loves their energy as they become his motivation. Prasath creates great relationships with his coworkers and appreciates what custodians do for the school. He loves his job because it teaches him responsibility, organization skills and team work.

Focus on Youth Custodian
Our Lady of Fatima
3176 St Clair Ave E, Toronto, ON M1L 1V6
July 6 – August 14 2015
8am – 4pm
Contact Information:
Andre Fullerton

(416) 222 – 8282 ext. 2310


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