Profile: St. Wilfrid’s The Child Experience


At St. Wilfrid’s The Child Experience everything is for the kids. This is the beginning of every child aspiring to be a leader, a better person and have a sense of the individual they would like to work towards becoming.

Learning new games and activities at our visit to St. Wilfrid!

The Child Experience provides sports, arts and drama in order to service the mini “Lebrons”, “Picassos” and actors that attend the camp. The camp is split into three different groups based on age, ensuring that each program is engaging for the target audience. Counselors and supervisors always ensure that every camper has a friend and that there are smiles all around!

Campers helping each other out

Counselors are aware that each camper has their own unique personality which deserves to be recognized and celebrated. The supportive environment at The Child Experience ensures that everyone involved goes home happy, healthy and ready to come back the next day!


FOY Staff: Winnifred K, Isaiah M and Klodia I (absent) (JCM Centre)


The Child Experience

1685 Finch Ave, Toronto, Ontario
M3J 2G8

June 3rd – August 11th

Times:                                                                                                                                                        8:30-4:00

5 years old – 14 years old

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