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Footsteps to Success: St. Mother Teresa is located at St. Mother Teresa Catholic Academy, 40 Sewells Road, has been home to many children in the community during the summer. This amazing program was created by the one and only Andre Fullerton. This six-week program is offered for free so that every child is able to join the program including dance/arts, sports, and leadership

Campers getting their groove on dancing to music.

Footsteps to Success is one of the two camps that were founded by Andre Fullerton and community partners, it was created so that youth could be involved and to help urban communities forward. Footsteps give the youth the tools they need in order to become successful in life. The program enriches children in a positive atmosphere. Staff and campers are always energized, enthusiastic, and eager and ready to learn. Counselors and campers heavily impact each other as they both learn something new every day. Everyone works together to have the best summer experience possible.

Campers exploring their creativity with drawing.

This program also provides the children with breakfast every morning so that they have the energy for the entire day. Every week the camp goes on at least one trip, whether it’s to the movies, swimming, or even bowling, the campers go on fun and exciting trips! Footsteps also have a special partnership with TIRF, a rugby program that comes and teaches the kids how to play the sport. At Footsteps, children are enriched with the knowledge that they need to become better versions of themselves and succeed.


Footsteps to Success: St. Mother Teresa Catholic Academy

40 Sewells Rd, Toronto, ON M1B 3G5

July 4 to August 11, 2016

5 years old – 14 years old

Contact Information:
Mark Bryce


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