PROFILE: PEAACE (Senator O’Connor)

Progress Education Athletics Arts Community Empowerment (PEAACE) offers the youth the opportunity to improve their healthy lifestyles and express themselves through various programs. PEACCE offers mentorship, basketball trainings, arts and crafts, academics, and many more.

PEAACE’s basketball program is ran by Star Braithwaite, who is also one of the head coaches. This summer, PEAACE is located in Scarborough at Senator O’Connor. The basketball training in the summer allows students to better themselves by going through hard and dedicated trainings, while building relationships with their teammates.

The FaceUp Basketball staff strives to create balanced, STRONG team players. Their goal is to develop, improve and strengthen the fundamental skill and basketball knowledge of players of all levels. Though the camp is centred around basketball, coaches also focus on teaching skills that are valuable in the real world: teamwork, responsibility and sportsmanship.


Progress Education Athletics Arts Community Empowerment (PEAACE)

Senator O’Connor
60 Rowena Dr.

9:00 am- 4:00 pm
July 2nd-August 16th, 2019

JK- Grade 8

Contact Information:
Star Braithwaite


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  1. Programs like these make a difference, please do keep up the great work!

    Peace, Joy, Hope, Charity, Gratitude, Patience, Gentleness and Humility, Steve De Quintal Teacher, St. Mary Catholic Academy, 66 Dufferin Park Ave. Toronto, Ontario M6H-1J6. 416-393-5528 ext. 84293 “that they may have life and have it to the full.” ***You can always email but a call or a visit will get a quicker response*** ________________________________

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