The Focus: Discussion Panel/Podcast!

Most people have a special place where they can engage in real discussions and deep conversations where thoughts and ideas are expressed without judgement. Our aim is that “The Focus” will be your new safe space.

We are proud to present our first episode of “The Focus” which begins Thursday, April 22nd, 2021 from 6-8pm on Stream Yard. The focus is an online webinar series where students will get the opportunity to discuss the different events that impact youth today. Each week we will have guest speakers from the community to deliver impactful panel discussions for all ages and demographics.

Check back soon for links to other streaming platforms where The Focus will also be available for listening! We hope to see you on Thursday!

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  1. i got an email from my daughter school(St. Robert) just received now, i am planning to register my daughter for July 5 to august 12, 2021, but i am not able to go to the registration site, every time i click register, the first thing shows was after school registration and it was april to june not july to august. I dont want the after school, i want the full day. Please advise.

  2. What happens after I fill the form, I didn’t get the pads to select time or date. Thx

    1. Hi Mary,

      Thank you for your mail. We will be contacting parents/ guardians shortly with further information about summer registration.

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