Profile: TCE Community Program (St. Monica)

TCE Canada Summer Camps is a non-profit organization founded to provide children with a variety of engaging activities. This year they have reopened in-person camps and made sure that all their locations were both safe and filled with fun and enrichment for campers.

Campers enjoying some quite time as they make bracelets

TCE hosts camps in multiple locations in Toronto for children aged 7-12 for 6 weeks. At TCE St. Monica, campers participate in activities such as everyday-themed crafts and games.

Campers enjoy making their own dresses for a fashion show

This program allows children to interact with other campers of the same age while receiving guidance from students in high schools and post-secondary institutions. The program focuses on sports, theatrical activities, arts and crafts. Each camper is encouraged to participate in all three activities daily, while participating in games, singing, cheers and team building exercises.

During our visit, campers participated in rotations relating to art and drama. In art, campers made their own bracelets from beads and strings . For drama, campers made their own dresses and costumes from toilet paper and then had a fashion show.


TCE Canada Summer Camps

14 Broadway Avenue, Toronto, ON M4P 1T4

July 4 – August 12

7 years old – 12 years old

Contact Information:
Isabella and Valentina


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