Special Event: Don Bosco Carousel

The TCDSB's Focus On Youth program implemented a  new hiring processes this year called the "Carousel," a more interactive approach to hiring students. This process included giving the students various tasks to demonstrate their skills while being on the job. This process allowed teachers to see the students in action before hiring them. The program starts... Continue Reading →

Special Event: Cardinal Carter Academy Carousel

The Focus on Youth Carousel is a new and exciting event created this year. It is a modern and interactive interview process, designed to help teachers and staff to select suitable camp counsellors for the summer. The process involves a variety of tasks and activities given to the students to demonstrate their leadership skills. It was... Continue Reading →

Special Event: Jean Vanier: Carousel

The student leaders of the Toronto Catholic District School Board attended an information carousel night at Jean Vanier Secondary School. The session consisted of tests to judge the actions of the potential leaders. The activities were designed to make the leaders more comfortable, and to act as a teaching aide. They also helped the teachers see... Continue Reading →

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