Special Event: Don Bosco Carousel

The TCDSB’s Focus On Youth program implemented a  new hiring processes this year called the “Carousel,” a more interactive approach to hiring students. This process included giving the students various tasks to demonstrate their skills while being on the job. This process allowed teachers to see the students in action before hiring them.

One-on-one interviews with teachers


The program starts at 5:00pm with registration. After a quick introduction, they begin with a game of Simon Says, to show the importance of listening and following instructions. Following this activity is an Inner/Outer Circle game, which portrays effective communication.

Simon Says!


After that, three more activities are prepared, including Non-verbal challenges, Inclusion, and Team Work. With this Carousel program as a unique process of interviewing, the leaders were chosen and employed with Focus On Youth.

Say cheese!
What a great pose for the camera!
Jumping for joy!

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