PROFILE: Live For Ball (Blessed Cardinal Newman)

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Live for Ball (LFB) is a summer camp which provides basketball skills to their campers and is located at Blessed Cardinal Newman. Their main goal is to build team and individual qualities in a fun and positive environment. Their motto, “It’s your life, live it!” proves that this camp gives their campers what they need in order for them to have the best camp experience.


Proof that hard work pays off.

The organization was founded in 2008 by Isaac King and Katrina Sorra, and every year their growth is very notable. The camp is located at Blessed Cardinal Newman CHS, 100 Brimley Road S. Given their close proximity to the Scarborough Bluffs, the camp goes on regular walks down to the Bluffs to get their campers energized. Throughout the day, they do basketball drills and games. Cheering and positive attitudes are an asset at this camp as all the campers are supportive of each other throughout the day’s activities.


Camper showing us how to floss

Each year, they seek athletes, new and old, to be in their camp. They hope to help campers live their dreams and to find their own individuality. No matter where a child comes from, they can easily come to LFB to relieve their own stress and have fun. They believe in all of their campers and with enough focus and determination, their campers can do great things.



Live for Ball


100 Brimley Rd. S, Toronto, ON, M1M 3X4.

July 3 to August 10, 2018

Contact Information:
Katrina Sorra
(416) 707-7033



PROFILE: Scarborough Basketball Association (Jean Vanier)


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Beginning in 1996, the Scarborough Basketball Association (SBA) is a registered non-profit organization. The main goal of SBA is to serve the youth in the Scarborough area with the opportunity to grow and enjoy their summers with basketball.


Learning a few tips

SBA is located at Jean Vanier CSS at 959 Midland Avenue. They begin their day with warm ups, basketball drills, and scrimmage. In the latter portion of the day, they learn new basketball skills and begin to exercise those newfound skills on the court.


Striking a pose for the camera.

SBA is run and coached by volunteers. They believe in putting athletes first and winning second. Over the past 10+ years of existence, they have placed Scarborough on the basketball map in Ontario, by producing great basketball players and organizing competitive tournaments. With the positive environment provided by both the campers and staff, SBA is a perfect place for your first dribble.


Scarborough Basketball Association

Jean Vanier CSS
959 Midland Ave, Scarborough, ON M1K 4G4

9:00am – 3:30pm
July 3 – August 10 2018

Contact Information:
Peter Jones
(416) 285 – 4428


PROFILE: Footsteps to Success Central (St.Timothy)


Footsteps to Success (Central) is located at St.Timothy Catholic School. This free six week program was created by Andre Fullerton to give the opportunity for kids to grow and develop while having fun in the summer. Kids can participate in various programs including arts, sports and leadership.



Arts campers showing off their creations.

Footsteps offers youth FREE Summer Day Camp programming presented by community organizations and not-for-profit groups enabling them to:
– Gain and develop social skills by working and interacting with peers
– Receive mentoring
– Incorporate and celebrate culture
– Earn Volunteer Hours; and


Enjoying a break from games.

Footsteps is affiliated with the Toronto Catholic District School Board, and the Malvern Family/Community Resource Centre. It is also sponsored by supporting partners like Urban Arts, Toronto Community Housing, Jays Care, Kaleidoscope (Scarborough Arts), and Focus on Youth, among others.



FOY STAFF (Left to Right): Fjola, Bethany, Lauren and CJ


Footsteps to Success

St. Timothy Catholic School
25 Rochelle Crescent, Willowdale, ON, M2J 1Y3

July 3rd to August 10th, 2018


8 -13 years old

Contact Information:
Andre Fullerton


PROFILE: Eastview Boys & Girls Club

Eastview logo

Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre is a charitable, multi-service neighbourhood centre that offers a broad range of recreational, social and capacity-building programs to area residents. For over 40 years, Eastview has played a vital role in the lives of community’s members of all ages. Our centre incorporates Eastview Toronto Boys & Girls Club, as well as a wide variety of programs and services for children 5 – 13 years old.


Campers enjoying arts and crafts

Eastview Boys & Girls Club offers the campers an all-day camp from 9AM to 4PM where they have sports, arts and crafts, baking, and much more fun activities. It offers 5 – 13 year olds a place to stay for the summer and enjoy their time and make memories and friends that will last them a lifetime.


Campers working together to solve a puzzle

No matter who you are, the Eastview Community Centre has something for you to do this summer. With their friendly staff, great facilities, and a positive environment, the Eastview Community Centre is the place to be!




Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre

86 Blake Street, Toronto, Ontario M4J 3C9

July 4 to August 11, 2017

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

5 years old-13 years old

Contact Information:
Laurette Jack


PROFILE: Blue Jays (East)


The Toronto Community Housing has partnered up with the Blue Jays Care Foundation with providing kids across the GTA a summer-long baseball camp for kids age 6 to 12. They have provided this service for 48 seasons long and continue to do so in 43 Toronto Community Housing locations.


Campers practicing their cheer for the cheer off

The summer camp helps build strong communities by teaching life lessons about teamwork, leadership and fair play, on and off the field. Registered players receive a hat, water bottle, backpack, glove and t-shirt, imprinted with the name of a current Toronto Blue Jays player.


Kids playing a fun game of octopus!

Lunch is provided to children daily and will make special accommodations for dietary restrictions. The kids go out to weekly baseball games where they play other Blue Jays camps in a fun game of baseball. Trips are provided every week for the children as well.




FOY Staff: Anithra (Neil)


Toronto Community Housing

20 Gordonridge Pl, Scarborough, ON M1K 4H6

July 4 to August 16

6 years old – 12 years old

Contact Information:

Rookie League


PROFILE: Footsteps to Success (East)

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Footsteps to Success (East) located at Blessed Mother Teresa CSS, 40 Sewells Rd, has been home to many children in the community during the summer. This amazing program was created by the one and only Andre Fullerton. This 6 week program is offered for free so that every child has a chance to grow and develop while having fun in the summer. Kids can participate in various programs including dance/arts, sports and leadership.


The leadership girls engaging in a discussion… about boys

Footsteps gives youth the tools that they need in order to succeed in life. The program enriches children in a positive atmosphere. Staff and campers are always enthusiastic, energized and ready to learn. Counsellors and campers heavily impact each other as they both learn something new every day. Everyone works together to have the best summer experience possible.

This program also provides breakfast to children in the morning so that they have energy for the entire day. Throughout each week the camp goes on at least one trip whether it be the movies, swimming, or even bowling! Footsteps also has a special partnership with TIRF, a rugby program that comes in to teach the kids how to play. At Footsteps, children are enriched with knowledge in every way.



Organization: Footsteps to Success: Blessed Mother Teresa CSS

Location: 40 Sewells Rd., Toronto, ON M1B 3G5

Dates: July 4 to August 12, 2016

Times: 9:00am-4:00pm

Contact Information:
Mark Bryce


PROFILE: Boys & Girls Club of West Scarborough


Boys & Girls Club of West Scarborough‘s goal is to provide “a good place to be” for their campers. Through loving and care, the staff ensures that campers are able to feel accepted in a safe environment while also having fun. The staff at the Boys and Girls Clubs of West Scarborough dedicate their time and effort into making a difference in their community.


Friends having fun at camp!




Campers trying to make another camper laugh during a fun game!

Boys and Girls Club ensures that they help the kids find their passion, and to develop them. Whether it is sports, arts, or even cooking, the counsellors make sure that there is never a dull moment at camp. Campers can even find their passions through reading and writing workshops!


 Discovering what the kids enjoy is the most vital goal of Boys and Girls Club. Every week, kids go on a trip and swim at their local pool, and attend weekly trips. These counsellors aim to make the kids feel motivated and channel their positive energy to keeping a lively community.


FOY staff (L-R): Ashley McKenzie, Spencer Kombargi, Vivian Huynh (all from NEIL centre)


Boys & Girls Club of West Scarborough

Immaculate Heart of Mary
101 Birchmount Rd, Scarborough, ON M1N 3J7

July 4 – August 19 2016
8am – 6pm

6 – 12 years old

Contact Information:
Tanya Morris