PROFILE: TCE Community Services (St. Albert)

The Child Experience, known simply as TCE, is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing programs to children and youth. TCE is well-known for its annual summer camps, which are offered at 9 locations this year; including TCE Midland‘s location at St. Albert Catholic School.

A typical day at Midland consists of multiple activities spread throughout the day to keep the campers entertained, along with snack and lunch breaks. Under the sun, the campers are given free time in between activities to let them socialize with those outside of their inner circle. As well, rain or shine, everyone has fun!

Last Friday, August 4, however, was a special day as Midland campers took a trip down along Museum and Bay to visit the Royal Ontario Museum. Campers took the TTC downtown to gaze at the many exhibitions the ROM has to offer. The camp counsellors led them around the realm of geology, the ancient world of marine life, the yearned-for bat cave (that all campers were so excited to walk through!) and more.

The day flew by in a flash as the campers were having so much fun touring the museum and learning the history of cultures and regions around the world.

Featuring St. Albert FOY staff, Divine Serrano



The Child Experience


St. Albert Catholic School

1125 Midland Avenue


July 4th – August 11th

8:30 AM – 3:45 PM


7 years old – 12 years old

Contact Information:

Anthony Tacoma (Executive Director)


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