SMART Camp stands for Sports, Math, and RecTraining Camp with cooperative and interactive games in an engaging manner. This educational camp is truly a win-win situation for both the campers and parents because "kids get smart, parents get peace of mind". In addition to their educational activities, the camp also offers arts and crafts with toys and games to... Continue Reading →

PROFILE: Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Club

Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs is a camp that has been running since 1921. The camp's dedication for helping enhance the lives of children and youth from 1921 until now is amazing. Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs offers 4 different camps depending on the age group. The first camp is Camp Stars for children... Continue Reading →

PROFILE: Urban Arts

Supported by the Ontario Arts Council and The Ontario Trillium Foundation, Urban Arts was founded in the early 2000’s by a group of people who loved art, drama, and performing in the Weston-Mount Dennis community. Their goal was to engage the youth about the importance of arts, and expressing themselves as a person. As their... Continue Reading →

PROFILE: Footsteps to Success (East)

     Footsteps to Success (East) located in the heart of Malvern at Blessed Mother Teresa CSS is a free summer day camp for children aged 10-15. This is one of the two Footsteps camps founded by Andre Fullerton. The camp runs for six weeks from the beginning of July to mid-August. These children are able to... Continue Reading →

PROFILE: Eastview Boys and Girls Club

  Mission statement: East Toronto Family Community Centre is committed to improving the quality of life for residents primarily in the area bounded by Greenwood, Broadview, Danforth and Queen Streets. To this end, Eastview mobilizes resources from a variety of public, private and community partners. Eastview has built a strong connection with the community for... Continue Reading →

Profile: Studio 15

Studio 15 is an arts-based camp, mainly run by the sibling team of Jessica and Johnny Dotson, with all decisions overseen by the organization’s executive director, Darrin Lindsay. The camp handles kids ages 10-15, and divides them into 3 age categories. Following the quick success of Studio 15, the administration decided to run programs year-round. The... Continue Reading →

PROFILE: Urban Arts

The Urban Arts summer program has been running for over five years, with Focus on Youth leaders working with them for most of those. The mission statement of the program is “Engaging youth through the arts.” The regular schedule consists of improv and comedy workshops on Mondays, dance workshops on Tuesdays, music workshops on Thursdays, and art workshops... Continue Reading →

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