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Johnny Playing ‘Me Switch’ with Studio 15
Opening Assembly

Studio 15 is an arts-based camp, mainly run by the sibling team of Jessica and Johnny Dotson, with all decisions overseen by the organization’s executive director, Darrin Lindsay. The camp handles kids ages 10-15, and divides them into 3 age categories.

Following the quick success of Studio 15, the administration decided to run programs year-round. The organization is centred within the Kingsview village community, which is filled with diversity and multiculturalism. The camp runs for 4 days a week, 9am to 3pm. Depending on the day, campers will go to the gym, play sports, swim, dance, or practice and work on art, as well as have a weekly trip. This year, they are excited to attend Playdium for the first time in their history. The camp also travels to places like Wild Water Kingdom, and Medieval Times. At the end of the 6 week program, there is a talent show, where the community can come and watch the youth of the organization perform what they have been practicing, as well as display all their art pieces.

Alex showing off the camp rules


Studio 15 has been supported by Focus on Youth. This year, Focus on Youth has assigned 4 workers to their organization.  Focus on Youth picked their employees and representatives well this year, and Mercedes Molina, Natasha Boatang, Imade Edokpayi, and Chris De Francesco fit Studio 15 well. All 4 workers have an artistic talent, be it singing, dancing, or acting.


Focus on Youth workers Michael De Francesco, Imade, Natasha Boatang, Mercedes Molina


The Studio 15 showcase is a great night, and provides great entertainment. The show provides dancing, acting, and singing, and any other talents the children wish to showcase.

Druv showing his skills in European Handball
Amazing teamwork! Nice Pass, Druv
photo 1
Showing off our art
photo 3


photo 2


Organization: Studio 15 

Location: St Maurice, 45 Kingsview Boulevard, Weston, ON. M9R 1T7

Ages: 10-15

Dates/Times: July 3rd – August 9th


Contact Information: Darrin Lindsay – 4162485000

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