More than 40 out of the 300 summer job positions at Focus On Youth were given in custodial positions. Unlike our program's camp counsellors, custodians work in several high schools across the board to help caretakers prepare for the upcoming school year this Fall. One of these lucky participants was John Paolo de Lemos, a recent... Continue Reading →

PROFILE: Davenport Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre

Youth Employment Experience (YEP) is a program for 13-16 year-old participants. Their main focus is to their increase participants’ involvement and leadership within the community, increase their pre-employment knowledge and skills, their confidence and ability to access relevant community resources, and to provide opportunities meet other young people. The participants undergo training within the first two weeks,... Continue Reading →

Profile: Custodial Positions

The Assistant Custodial position began along with Focus On Youth itself. 40 positions were created to help TCDSB custodians with their heavy workloads during the summer.        An assistant custodian's responsibilities are the light work of TCDSB custodians. As one of the custodians said, "They give us an extra pair of hands that... Continue Reading →

Profile: Frontlines

Weston Frontlines Centre is a non-profit organization that provides much-needed services and programs, as well as a safe environment for the youth of Weston Lawrence neighborhood. Their motto, “Bring People Together,” is an example of the inclusivity that the Frontlines community offers, as they welcome individuals of various ethnicities,  faiths, and backgrounds The organization aims to... Continue Reading →

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