PROFILE: Davenport Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre


Leaders lining up to play Bring Me the Bacon

Youth Employment Experience (YEP) is a program for 13-16 year-old participants. Their main focus is to their increase participants’ involvement and leadership within the community, increase their pre-employment knowledge and skills, their confidence and ability to access relevant community resources, and to provide opportunities meet other young people.

Davenport-Perth community leaders listening attentively to instructions

The participants undergo training within the first two weeks, followed by placements 3 days a week , while the other two days they continue to attend training workshops. YEP also provides weekly fun social and recreational outings and special events for participants over the summer, such as a team-building experience at High Park.

All leaders participating in Monster instructed by Benedict Mercado.

Youth Employment Experience decided to partner with Focus on Youth in order to increase opportunities for young people to access employment experience, to have more staffing support to run our summer programs and to increase access to community space.

Focus on Youth staff: Benedict Mercado


Organization: Davenport Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre

Location: 1900 Davenport Road
Toronto, ON  M6N 1B7

Ages: 13-16

Dates/Times: 6 week program
11 a.m – 3 p.m


Contact Info:
Swelen Andari
Youth Program Worker, Children and Youth Services
T 416 656 8025 x244
F 416 656 1264

Leaders playing Cheat. “I put down two Jacks,” said Ines. “Cheat!!” yelled Mark.


Picture of a Bison captured at High Park’s zoo


Participants joining in for a good ol’ fashion game of cards

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  1. This profile reflects well what YEP offers! Thanks so much for promoting YEP and DPNCHC! We are looking forward to further collaborating with Focus on Youth !

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