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Triple Balance

Triple Balance is a day camp with two facilities: Blessed Mother Teresa in the east, and St. Basil in the west. The organization is managed by Bryan Cando, and the camp focuses on sports, leadership, and people coming together to build lasting friendships.

Representing TB at the Ontario Science Centre!

There is no such thing as ‘strangers’ at Triple Balance. Once you are part of the program, you become part of a family. This happens through playing games and sports. The important element is how everyone is unique, and brings something different to the group, creating a sense of diversity. Each child has their own sense of creativity.

Triple Balance is a safe and great camp to be at, and they recognize the goodness of advertising health, love and respect in the communities they are a part of. Triple Balance will continue to strengthen its efforts to provide health-related education in all its services. Focus on Youth is excited to continue their partnership with this awesome program.

Replenishing their energy
Jacob, Marcelo, Xavier and Andres with world-famous star Sonic The Hedgehog

Participants in the Triple Balance camp attend many day trips – most recently, The Ontario Science Centre, followed by High Park’s Nature Walk, Wild Water Kingdom , Canada’s Wonderland, and trips to the cinemas. The camp understands the dangers that the sun brings, and finds solutions to ‘beat the heat’ by attending these cool and refreshing trips.

Sharing the secret about the whereabouts of the Bat Cave! SHHHHHH!
Learning how a tornado works, hands on
Who needs Brazil? It’s much safer in The Science Center Rain Forest


Houston… we have a problem… I Don’t think Angel and Roberto are tall enough to ride this ride.
Focus on Youth Staff – Merna Negma, Victoria Boatang, Oriola Omotunde, Marfo Obang


Organization: Triple Balance

Location: St. Basil’s, 20 Starview Lane

Ages: 4-16

Date/Times: Monday-Friday, 9AM to 4PM

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