PROFILE: Centre Educative Canada (St. Simon)

The Centre Educative Canada Summer Camp is affiliated with all the campers both academically and physically, in the sense that, it pays specific attention to sports and most importantly, to education. This camp believes that campers should still be focused and alert pertaining to their academics, especially during the summer holidays. Kids enjoy learning while... Continue Reading →

Profile: Footsteps to Success: Father Henry Carr

Footsteps to Success is one of the three camps founded by Andre Fullerton. It was created to allow youth to become involved, and to help urban communities grow. This camp provides youth with the opportunity to grow and develop teamwork, creativity, cultural awareness, and leadership skills. Footsteps to Success focuses on building the community by investing... Continue Reading →

Profile: Seeds of Hope (St. Jane Frances)

Youth Unlimited is a faith-based organization that believes in the unlimited potential of the youth. It has been imparting God's love, truth and hope for all young people regardless of age, race, gender or faith for more than 70 years. Seeds of Hope summer day camp is a Christian based camp as their goal is... Continue Reading →

PROFILE: Trust 15

Trust 15 is a charitable organization that provides youth in the Rexdale/North Etobicoke area with programs that promote and facilitate positive behavior, creative expression, and cooperative working skills. They exist to give kids in our community the social and educational tools to succeed in society. This is accomplished through mentoring and positive role model intervention.... Continue Reading →

Profile: Urban Arts: Chaminada

UrbanArts is an art based camp dedicated to enriching the lives of campers through a variety of art forms such as visual arts, music, theatre, dance and more! Campers at UrbanArts always have a fun and safe space to express themselves, create art and form friendships. There is never a dull day at UrbanArts as... Continue Reading →

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