Ever wonder how our schools get so clean over the summer? Miguel Agudelo and Jessica Peters are two hardworking student custodians that work through the summer months to ensure that schools are squeaky clean come September.

Miguel admiring the view while  he finishes up cleaning the windows.
Miguel admiring the view while he finishes up cleaning the windows.

Miguel attends Senator O’Connor C.S.S, whereas Jessica attends Madonna C.S.S. This summer, they’re cleaning Marshall McLuhan C.S.S, located in the Avenue Road/Eglinton area. It’s a big school — four floors — so their work it cut out for them!

Jessica never misses a spot!
Jessica never misses a spot!

Their daily routine consists of stacking the chairs, cleaning desks and classrooms, and removing graffiti and rusts from lockers. Because the school is so large, they divide their tasks up between them: sometimes they each take a separate floor to work on or divide their tasks up on a single floor. This helps them learn teamwork and time management working with only one other student to complete such a large project.

The two get along well with each other and their supervisors.

“My favourite part about working here is my co-worker,” said Jessica. “Miguel and the older custodians as well as the teachers. Without them I would not have the drive within me to come to work every day — they make work fun!”

Since working as a custodian, Miguel said that he has learned how to be punctual, “I am not late for work because I know that it takes time away from the other custodians”. Miguel and Jessica both agreed that working as a custodian has helped them pick up valuable skills that will help them in future employment.

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  1. Thank you guys for the post, it’s amazing. It’s been a pleasure working with you guys, I enjoyed myself and I learned a lot.

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