PROFILE: Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples


The Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples is an organization that provides youth in the area a new and fun way to learn. The campers are taught many different skills throughout the course of summer. The main goal of this camp is to respond to the various needs of the Spanish community, particularly the newcomers.


Team A is about to dominate the field.

Throughout the week, the campers participate in many activities that develops their individual skills. In the morning, the staff tutors the campers in different areas of education such as mathematics, literature, and arts and crafts. It is taught in an interactive and fun way to keep the campers engaged and learning all while having a great time with their classmates! After the tutoring sessions, the campers enjoy some free time outside to participate in many different activities.


Just hanging around with a few campers.

Aside from the various sports and activities, the campers can expect to learn something new about their heritage every week. The camp brings in different instructors that teach all types of Spanish dances. It is an important aspect of the camp that the campers know about their traditions and history.


The Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples brings together youth in the community and offers a fun escape away from video games. This camp provides an easy transition for Spanish newcomers. It is a great place to be!


FOY Staff: ChinChin Olaguir, Dwayne Lindsay, Ramier Mercurio, Julian Marco Salvador, Jacob LaFortune (JCM Centre)



The Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples

1865 Sheppard Ave W, Toronto, ON

July 6th – August 12th

6 years old – 14 years old

Contact Info:
647-648-2009 (David)


PROFILE: Footsteps to Success

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 10.57.37 PM.png

Footsteps to Success – St. Timothy’s Location is a free summer camp offered to children through non-profit organizations who strive to provide children with a fun summer. This location in particular is newly created for the Syrian refugee children who are looking to be welcomed to Canada, all while learning about different cultures and gaining social skill through new friendships.


Buddy system fun, while going on a trip to a waterpark

Along with all the fun the kids experience indoors, they also go on fun trips such as to waterparks. While on these excursions the kids team up with a partner and a camp counsellor to not only stay safe while travelling but insure that the fun never dwindles.


Everyone’s poppin’ for popcorn

To insure the children stay fuelled for fun, the camp also offers snacks such as popcorn. These snacks are offered during break time where the kids are able to cool down from their energy filled games.


Natalie Kapitan, Ashton Sawh, Guia Jangle Pucyutan, Jessie Lo, Peter Josh De Vera Desonia, Vanessa Paningbatan Cerezo, Meryl Pantaleon, Vanessa Martin, Kevon Jamieson-Hanson, Johanna Liwanag, Dianela Alonso Mayorga, Michael Zaragoza



Footsteps to Success

St. Timothy Catholic School
25 Rochelle Crescent, Willowdale, ON, M2J 1Y3

July 4 to August 12, 2014


8 years old – 13 years old

Contact Information:
Andre Fullerton


PROFILE: Dmitrik Sports

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Hoop House Basketball is the camp to be at if you are looking to gain some basketball skills. This camp is founded by Michael Dmitrik, since he was a child he has had a passion for basketball and he now has over 10 years of experience with being a certified NCCP (national certificate coaching program) coach.


Hoping for that winning basket

A day at this camp consists of many drills, exercises, and games that get the campers to gain confidence and skill in basketball. By the time camp is over you’ll be even better at this sport than you were before.


Professional dribbler

Dmitrik Sports is located at Dante Alighieri Academy where the kids are able to play and run around without worrying about encountering others. This safe environment allows for the kids to focus all of their attention on the way they play and how they could get better. With the help of their focus on youth coaches the kids progressively grow a passion for the game while learning techniques that they will forever hold.


Terique Clarke, Ashor Yaghob, Catherine Moday, Justine Hanna, Charlene Reyes, Jacob Pace


Dmitrik Sports

Dante Alighieri
60 Playfair Ave, Toronto, ON M6B 2P9

July 4 to August 12, 2014


4 years old – 16 years old

Contact Information:
Michael Dmitrik


PROFILE: Central Neighbourhood House


Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 5.39.10 PMCentral Neighbourhood House has been around for 104 years making it Toronto’s second oldest settlement house. The programs offered by Central Neighbourhood House are for children, women, seniors, families and Canadians. The goal for the child programs are to help children reach their full potential as they grow into young adults.


Campers staring out the window of the ferry on the way to Centre Island

The Central Neighbourhood House camp tries to go on as many trips as the can. This day the kids were taken to Centre Island where they played at the park, splash pad and even found their way through a maze.


Happy Campers pose for a picture as the patiently wait for the ferry

To make it easier for the campers and the counsellors to stay together all are provided with matching CNH shirts. This is due to the safety that comes with Central Neighbourhood House when at school and on each and every single one of their excursions.



FOY Staff: Aneela Saeed, Diana Fernandez


Central Neighbourhood House

520 Sherbourne St, Toronto, ON M4X 1K8

July 4 to August 26, 2014


5 years old – 13 years old

Contact Information:
Dylan Harte


Profile: Grassroots


Grassroots is an organization that gives youth in the area an opportunity to train themselves into better people through basketball. The staff at Grassroots have taught the youth many important skills that will help them become the best they can be.


Look at the flick of the wrist!

Each day, the campers start off with light warm-ups to get the blood pumping to their muscles. After the warm-ups, they begin basketball drills that develop their hand-eye coordination skills. Drills range from weaving in between pylons to a one-on-one game. Following the drills, the coaches set up an intense basketball game that keeps everyone engaged and cheering their loudest.


It’s a bird.. It’s a plane.. No it’s just a camper taking flight!

Besides the basketball training and competitions, the campers are also enlightened by motivational speakers about growing up in a high-risk neighbourhood. There are many different speakers that come in so the youth can have different perspectives on how to become a better person.

At the Grassroots camp, you can expect to see many talented athletes with great passion for basketball. Every camper helps each other out, whether it be teaching the right form or learning to listen to teammates in a game. Everyone in this camp is like a big happy family sharing the same passion for basketball.


FOY Staff: Eduardo Rodriguez, Dennis Padilla (MCLUHAN Centre)



Chaminade College School
490 Queens Drive
M6L 1M8

July 2nd – August 6th

8 years old – 15 years old

Contact Info:
Tamara Brown


PROFILE: Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 3.42.24 PM

Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club was established in 1921 as a non-profit organization, built to give kids many various opportunities. This includes going swimming on hot days, and interacting with others in their age range. Overtime the club has allowed more than 50, 000 children reach their dreams.


Swinging to the sun

One of the many trips that the children from the Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club go on is to a big park where they have many games to play. During free time the kids jump around on the jungle gym and swing on the swing sets with their new friends.


Fun day at the park

Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club hosts nearly 100 children at this location aged from 6-10 years old. Each child blossoms with social skills and enjoys their summer to the fullest potential as they seesaw their way to the highest point of fun.



Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club

St. Mary Elementary School
20 Portugal Square, Toronto, ON M6J 3P2

July 4 to August 26, 2016

6 years old – 10 years old

Contact Information:
Louise Ross
(416)-925-2243 ext. 24


PROFILE: Urban Arts Camp



In the early 2000’s, a group of people who lived in the Weston- Mount Dennis community had a love for the arts and wanted to put on plays and performances within the community. Unable to secure funding for their endeavours, the group took it upon themselves to teach children the importance of arts and the freedom of expression that comes along with them. Urban Arts was founded shortly thereafter, “engaging youth through the arts”!


Teaching the kids different games they can play with their friends!


Playing some Huckle Buckle!

Today, the Urban Arts organization has blossomed. A not-for-profit operation out of the Weston – Mount Dennis neighbourhood. They offer a series of programs such as music, dance, visual arts and leadership. The organization services approximately 400 children throughout the year.


Playing a fun game of ladders with the campers!


They got super into it!

As a means to accomodate the children whom they do not get to work with throughout the year, they offer a summer program. This summer program – a condensed version of all the programs that the Urban Arts organization runs throughout the year – begins on July 2 and runs until August 15.

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The FOY staff working with Urban Arts! Shanice, Chelsea, Abiola, Veronica, Jan-Aura

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Urban Arts


Chaminade College School

490 Queens Dr

Toronto, ON M6L 1M8


July 7 – August 15, 2014

9:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Contact Info:


Beats.Mind.Movement Coordinator