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Rogers Communications is Canada’s largest provider of wireless voice and data communications services, and is one of Canada’s leading providers of cable television, high-speed Internet and telephone services. Rogers TV allows participants to delve into the exciting world of television and film, making it an exciting placement for students from the Focus on Youth staff to join. Students travel to various locations in which they handle equipment on set and learn about the work that takes place behind the scenes, learning important media skills all the while.


Rogers TV seeks to give students the experience and training they need in order to pursue their dreams in entertainment. Rogers believes in Local Matters programming, television that brings communities together. Since 1969, Rogers has invested in the creation and ongoing development of Rogers TV, a unique community television service available exclusively to Rogers’ cable customers, as part of the basic cable service.


A regular day for Focus on Youth staff ranges from setting up different cameras on site to working at the Rogers Headquarters and doing office work. In each case, staff go through something new everyday – there’s never a boring moment. Rogers TV trains thousands of volunteers, who work side by side with professional television producers to bring unique, community programming to your cable viewing choices: issues that matter, sports that count, entertainment that brightens your day and information you can rely on.


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Organization: Rogers TV

Location:  855 York Mills Rd, North York, Ontario M3B 1Z1

Dates/Times: Ranging between all weekdays and times.

Contact Information: 

Colin Baird


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