PROFILE: Footsteps to Success (East)

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Footsteps to Success (East) located at Blessed Mother Teresa CSS, 40 Sewells Rd, has been home to many children in the community during the summer. This amazing program was created by the one and only Andre Fullerton. This 6 week program is offered for free so that every child has a chance to grow and develop while having fun in the summer. Kids can participate in various programs including dance/arts, sports and leadership.


The leadership girls engaging in a discussion… about boys

Footsteps gives youth the tools that they need in order to succeed in life. The program enriches children in a positive atmosphere. Staff and campers are always enthusiastic, energized and ready to learn. Counsellors and campers heavily impact each other as they both learn something new every day. Everyone works together to have the best summer experience possible.

This program also provides breakfast to children in the morning so that they have energy for the entire day. Throughout each week the camp goes on at least one trip whether it be the movies, swimming, or even bowling! Footsteps also has a special partnership with TIRF, a rugby program that comes in to teach the kids how to play. At Footsteps, children are enriched with knowledge in every way.



Organization: Footsteps to Success: Blessed Mother Teresa CSS

Location: 40 Sewells Rd., Toronto, ON M1B 3G5

Dates: July 4 to August 12, 2016

Times: 9:00am-4:00pm

Contact Information:
Mark Bryce


PROFILE: Boys & Girls Club of West Scarborough


Boys & Girls Club of West Scarborough‘s goal is to provide “a good place to be” for their campers. Through loving and care, the staff ensures that campers are able to feel accepted in a safe environment while also having fun. The staff at the Boys and Girls Clubs of West Scarborough dedicate their time and effort into making a difference in their community.


Friends having fun at camp!




Campers trying to make another camper laugh during a fun game!

Boys and Girls Club ensures that they help the kids find their passion, and to develop them. Whether it is sports, arts, or even cooking, the counsellors make sure that there is never a dull moment at camp. Campers can even find their passions through reading and writing workshops!


 Discovering what the kids enjoy is the most vital goal of Boys and Girls Club. Every week, kids go on a trip and swim at their local pool, and attend weekly trips. These counsellors aim to make the kids feel motivated and channel their positive energy to keeping a lively community.


FOY staff (L-R): Ashley McKenzie, Spencer Kombargi, Vivian Huynh (all from NEIL centre)


Boys & Girls Club of West Scarborough

Immaculate Heart of Mary
101 Birchmount Rd, Scarborough, ON M1N 3J7

July 4 – August 19 2016
8am – 6pm

6 – 12 years old

Contact Information:
Tanya Morris


PROFILE: South Etobicoke Youth Assembly


The South Etobicoke Youth Assembly (SEYA) is located at LAMP Community Health Center. It was founded in 2000 by youth in the Lakeshore area who wished to tackle issues that they were facing. There was a lack of recreational and arts programs, and they wanted to bring this to the attention of politicians. Together, they formed SEYA and brought these up these issues at general meetings and they were able to achieve their original goal. Today, SEYA provides free workshops and programs for youth in the community to develop leadership and various other skills.


Campers learn how much is enough!

The summer camp runs for two weeks, one in July and one in August, for youth ages 13-21. The camp runs from 12:00pm-4:30pm, lunch and bus tickets are provided for the campers. The camp is located at Second Street Junior Middle School.


Staff trying out vision impaired glasses

Camp activities include workshops, sports and games. Campers learn to cooperate throughout the various activities and build relationships along the way. There is a field trip at the end of each camp, and the campers receive certificates for their participation.


Campers learning how to save a passed out victim!



FOY STAFF (BOSCO Centre) (From Left to Right): Tiana Sandy, Marina Catena


South Etobicoke Youth Assembly

LAMP Community Health Centre
185 Fifth Street, Etobicoke, ON M8V 2Z5

July 18 to 22, 2016, & August 8-12, 2016

13 years old – 21 years old

Contact Information:
Jasmin Dooh
(416) 252 6471


PROFILE: Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples


The Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples is an organization that provides youth in the area a new and fun way to learn. The campers are taught many different skills throughout the course of summer. The main goal of this camp is to respond to the various needs of the Spanish community, particularly the newcomers.


Team A is about to dominate the field.

Throughout the week, the campers participate in many activities that develops their individual skills. In the morning, the staff tutors the campers in different areas of education such as mathematics, literature, and arts and crafts. It is taught in an interactive and fun way to keep the campers engaged and learning all while having a great time with their classmates! After the tutoring sessions, the campers enjoy some free time outside to participate in many different activities.


Just hanging around with a few campers.

Aside from the various sports and activities, the campers can expect to learn something new about their heritage every week. The camp brings in different instructors that teach all types of Spanish dances. It is an important aspect of the camp that the campers know about their traditions and history.


The Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples brings together youth in the community and offers a fun escape away from video games. This camp provides an easy transition for Spanish newcomers. It is a great place to be!


FOY Staff: ChinChin Olaguir, Dwayne Lindsay, Ramier Mercurio, Julian Marco Salvador, Jacob LaFortune (JCM Centre)



The Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples

1865 Sheppard Ave W, Toronto, ON

July 6th – August 12th

6 years old – 14 years old

Contact Info:
647-648-2009 (David)


PROFILE: Footsteps to Success

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Footsteps to Success – St. Timothy’s Location is a free summer camp offered to children through non-profit organizations who strive to provide children with a fun summer. This location in particular is newly created for the Syrian refugee children who are looking to be welcomed to Canada, all while learning about different cultures and gaining social skill through new friendships.


Buddy system fun, while going on a trip to a waterpark

Along with all the fun the kids experience indoors, they also go on fun trips such as to waterparks. While on these excursions the kids team up with a partner and a camp counsellor to not only stay safe while travelling but insure that the fun never dwindles.


Everyone’s poppin’ for popcorn

To insure the children stay fuelled for fun, the camp also offers snacks such as popcorn. These snacks are offered during break time where the kids are able to cool down from their energy filled games.


Natalie Kapitan, Ashton Sawh, Guia Jangle Pucyutan, Jessie Lo, Peter Josh De Vera Desonia, Vanessa Paningbatan Cerezo, Meryl Pantaleon, Vanessa Martin, Kevon Jamieson-Hanson, Johanna Liwanag, Dianela Alonso Mayorga, Michael Zaragoza



Footsteps to Success

St. Timothy Catholic School
25 Rochelle Crescent, Willowdale, ON, M2J 1Y3

July 4 to August 12, 2014


8 years old – 13 years old

Contact Information:
Andre Fullerton


PROFILE: Dmitrik Sports

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Hoop House Basketball is the camp to be at if you are looking to gain some basketball skills. This camp is founded by Michael Dmitrik, since he was a child he has had a passion for basketball and he now has over 10 years of experience with being a certified NCCP (national certificate coaching program) coach.


Hoping for that winning basket

A day at this camp consists of many drills, exercises, and games that get the campers to gain confidence and skill in basketball. By the time camp is over you’ll be even better at this sport than you were before.


Professional dribbler

Dmitrik Sports is located at Dante Alighieri Academy where the kids are able to play and run around without worrying about encountering others. This safe environment allows for the kids to focus all of their attention on the way they play and how they could get better. With the help of their focus on youth coaches the kids progressively grow a passion for the game while learning techniques that they will forever hold.


Terique Clarke, Ashor Yaghob, Catherine Moday, Justine Hanna, Charlene Reyes, Jacob Pace


Dmitrik Sports

Dante Alighieri
60 Playfair Ave, Toronto, ON M6B 2P9

July 4 to August 12, 2014


4 years old – 16 years old

Contact Information:
Michael Dmitrik


PROFILE: Live For Ball

Live For Ball logo

Live for Ball is an organization located at Blessed Cardinal Newman High School, 100 Brimley Rd. They strive to develop and enhance team and individual fundamental basketball skills in a positive, fun environment. Since the organization was founded in 2008 by Katrina Sorra and Isaac King, the LFB community has grown larger each year.

During the morning, campers are expected to improve their basketball skills through a variety of drills and games. But they also build character, leadership skills and relationships through the different activities. Young helpers from the LFB community mentor the younger camper, this builds the family-friendly like atmosphere. In the afternoons the entire camp goes on a trip everyday like the park, splash pad, the Bluffs and much more! Every single day at camp is exciting and different.

LFB’s mission is to continue the adventure, help fulfill dreams, and help every player that joins their team to find their own strengths and battle through weaknesses and adversities. They strive to create a safe space for children to get away from and just have fun. At LFB they believe that you can do anything with focus and determination!


FOY Staff (Left to right) : Michelle (Neil), Jade (Neil)


Organization: Live for Ball

Location: 100 Brimley Rd. S, Toronto, ON, M1M 3X4.

July 5 to August 12, 2016

Contact Information:
Katrina Sorra
(416) 707-7033