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     Live for Ball (LFB) is an organization founded in 2008 by Isaac King and Katrina Sorra. They founded this through the love that they both shared for basketball and also watching young athletes improve little by little every single day. In its third year as a summer camp, positivity is strongly emphasized.

Starting off the day with warm ups!
Starting off the day with warm ups!

Located at Blessed Cardinal Newman (Brimley Rd and Kingston Rd), the camp runs from 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM during the weeks of July 6th – August 14th. The camp not only focuses on how to play basketball, but also the importance of leadership and teamwork found in our everyday lives.

Block shooting competition against each other!

By joining Focus on Youth, LFB allows both the campers and the FOY staff to learn from one another. The staff keep the kids energized and in return, the kids teach the staff a trick or two about basketball. Throughout the program, relationships are built and grown as the weeks progress. There is no doubt that both the staff and campers are changed from this amazing experience.

Dribbling gets harder and harder
Dribbling gets harder and harder
FOY staff (left to right): Mia (Vanier), Alyssa (Vanier), Miggy (Vanier(
FOY staff (left to right): Mia (Vanier), Alyssa (Vanier), Miggy (Vanier)


Organization: Live for Ball: Blessed Cardinal Newman

Location: 100 Brimley Rd. S, Toronto, ON, M1M 3X4.

Dates/Times: July 6 to August 14, 2014 8:30am-4:00pm

Contact Information: Katrina Sorra (416) 707-7033



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