MEDIA TEAM TRIP: Rouge Valley Park


Morning Media Team Meet Up.
Morning Media Team Meet Up.

In the words of our supervisor, Doris Adao, “there’s comfort in knowing you have a team to fall back on.” As we journeyed through this trip, we realized that through the struggles of steep hills and riverbanks, the reward of an amazing view was worth it.

After a few minutes of travelling through a field and working our way up the hill, we cam across an open beautiful view of the valley.

We learned that following a certain colour marked on the tree means that you’re following a specific trail. If ever you’re lost, just look for a common colour painted on the tree bark!

We then learned the importance of team-building and trusting one another. We found a large fallen tree and every one of us fell backwards into the arms of our teammates. It was an intense trust exercise, but we all formed a stronger bond through this exercise.

After replenishing our strength from catching everyone by eating lunch, we set on a journey through the river. There were a lot of rocks in this river and by a lot, I mean A LOT   Which made the venture through much more exciting. In this river, we also caught a couple of fish!

After venturing through the river and a couple slips and falls here and there, we finally made it back to the dry land. We hiked through the forest for a couple more minutes and then made our way to the bridge. We became 13 grumpy old trolls who lived under the bridge.

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