Media Team Trip: Good Shepherd Ministries

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” (1 Peter 4:10)

As we continue our journey, the Media Team volunteers at Good Shepherd Ministries as our fourth trip.

How to make the beds

We started off the day by learning about Good Shepherd’s service for the homeless and neglected members of the community. By serving more than a thousand meals a day, providing people with shelter and clothing and help treating homeless people that have addictions, Good Sheppard strives to make a difference to those in need. We then headed up to the top floor where one of the housekeepers showed us how to make the beds. We had over 90 beds to make in under 2 hours so we split off into groups of two so that we can get the job done faster.

Saying a prayer before we eat lunch

We then decided to head down to the cafeteria to have lunch. When we finished, we went back up to the dorms to finish the rest of the beds. Since the Media Team loves to have competitions, we tried to find out which team made the best bed.

Later on we headed downstairs and split into our east end and west end teams to film clips of our music video and to do some of the beds that are located down there. Once we were done, we helped move boxes that was filled with clothing into a storage room and moved food that was put into the pantry and kitchen.

We ended the day with a little discussion and reflection on what we learned during the day. We realize that there are many people that are on the streets who are less fortunate than we are. We reflected on how we can make a little difference in our homes, schools and workplace. Before we parted ways, we also talked to a man who went to Good Shepherd for help before and thanked us for giving up our time to volunteer. We are still young, we still have more things to learn and experience in life, but this experience helped everyone grow spiritually as individuals and as a family.

Media Team group picture
Media Team group picture

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Media Team: Centre Island

Continuing our journey with this program, the Media Team takes on Centre Island for our third trip.

Just waiting to get in the ferry, off to Centre Island we go!
Just waiting to get in the ferry, off to Centre Island we go!

As we begin our adventure, Mike Consul started the day with a prayer after we got off the ferry. Then, we discussed about each team’s posters to give feedbacks and improvements. Our supervisor, Doris, informed us with some announcements about the upcoming Camp Day with Footsteps to Success camp. After our discussion, Mike decided to try to catch a fish for a bit.

The team discusses about future events
The team discusses about future events

When we finished with our morning topic, we decided to find a place to eat lunch. Shortly after lunch, the West end and East end team decided to film some clips for our music video, while Mike continues to fish.

Lunch time for everyone
Lunch time for everyone

After filming enough clips for our videos, the team decided to bike around the island with a quad-cycle – a bicycle with four people. Here we learned the true meaning of “teamwork” as we competed who can be the fastest. The first team consisted of: Neil, Rachel, Karen, and Francesca. Then second team included: Dana, Kevin, Keesha, and Sebastian. Lastly, the third team were: Mike, Chase, Doris, Aaliyah, and Natalie.

There was a lot of walking this day
There was a lot of walking this day

Each person in each bike had to pedal in order for it to work and be balanced. As we race and pedal away, the first two teams had to stop as both bikes broke down. Sebastian and Kevin were able to fix the bike easily, and even though Neil was on the opposite team, they still decided to help him fix their bike. Soon, we all continued our race and everyone’s competitive side was revealed, even Mike’s!

We then took a break for a few minutes to take pictures of the beautiful skyline of Toronto and just appreciate the scenery. After, we all went back to where we started and in the end, every team won!

Taking a break from our quad-cycle race
Taking a break from our quad-cycle race

Being all hot and sweaty after the race, we went back to the fountain to cool off. The water was very cool and refreshing everyone took off their shoes and went in the fountain. While everyone was just freshening up and splashing each other, Sebastian decided to collect the coins that was in the fountain. He sure is going to get a lot of bad luck!

This might be the end of our day, but this is not the end of our journey. We still have a lot to learn, experience new things, and practice life skills. This day just made everyone even closer together not just as a team, but as a family!

A beautiful view of the skyline of Toronto
A beautiful view of the skyline of Toronto

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EVENT: Footsteps to Success Camp Day

Camp day was an exciting and fantastic day for both campers, Focus on Youth Staff, and Media Team members.

This showcases both Footsteps camps from Father Henry Carr and Blessed Mother Theresa, along side with NBA player Anthony Bennett
This showcases both Footsteps camps from Father Henry Carr and Blessed Mother Theresa, along side with NBA player Anthony Bennett


Doris, instructing the media team members on the different activities

The day started at Father Henry Carr, with the Media Team and the Focus on Youth Supervisors help preparing the games and activity for the day. The day would be planned as each camp will divide equally to 8 teams and they will compete with the rival opposing camp, in each game. The kids will have to play such amazing games as, wheel barrow, rugby, spin shot, obstacle course, and many more.

When the day started and the children came, the games were underway. The campers worked hard and so did the staff — not only volunteering just to play games but also to serve and clean up through out the day. Around noon the kids and staff had lunch, the hot dogs and burgers were amazingly prepared by our Focus on Youth supervisors.

When the day was over and the points were tallied up, the campers and the staff got to meet Toronto’s own NBA Player Anthony Bennett. The number one draft pick was holding his skills camp here in the same place as us, so with arrangements, the campers and staff were able to see Anthony Bennett and take a picture with him. Its was a great day for everyone, its not an average day in the summer in which you get free food, play games and get to meet NBA players. Footsteps To Success Camp Day is an one of a kind camp, with one of kind kids and one of a kind Focus on Youth Staff and Supervisors.

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MEDIA TEAM TRIP: Rouge Valley Park


Morning Media Team Meet Up.
Morning Media Team Meet Up.

In the words of our supervisor, Doris Adao, “there’s comfort in knowing you have a team to fall back on.” As we journeyed through this trip, we realized that through the struggles of steep hills and riverbanks, the reward of an amazing view was worth it.

After a few minutes of travelling through a field and working our way up the hill, we cam across an open beautiful view of the valley.

We learned that following a certain colour marked on the tree means that you’re following a specific trail. If ever you’re lost, just look for a common colour painted on the tree bark!

We then learned the importance of team-building and trusting one another. We found a large fallen tree and every one of us fell backwards into the arms of our teammates. It was an intense trust exercise, but we all formed a stronger bond through this exercise.

After replenishing our strength from catching everyone by eating lunch, we set on a journey through the river. There were a lot of rocks in this river and by a lot, I mean A LOT   Which made the venture through much more exciting. In this river, we also caught a couple of fish!

After venturing through the river and a couple slips and falls here and there, we finally made it back to the dry land. We hiked through the forest for a couple more minutes and then made our way to the bridge. We became 13 grumpy old trolls who lived under the bridge.

Media Team: High Park

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”
– Plato
As we begin our journey as the Media Team of 2015, we got to know each other as well as learn team building skills under the guidance of Michael Consul. By playing these games and going through new adventures, we were able to learn about our own strengths and working on our weaknesses. First lesson of the day: Fishing.

We started off our training day with a few jokes to get everyone smiling and laughing. Mike then taught us the basics on how to use a fishing rod. We practiced on our own for a few minutes and then went into a competition on who could get the bait closest to the target. We all tried our best, but Karen was the closest!

After competing against one another, we had the opportunity to try it out for real! Fishing truly teaches us that patience is a virtue.

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After fishing, we then made our way to the park. A few members of the team had their try at the sword in the stone, to see who was worthy. We then played a game of hide and seek, winner gets free ice cream from Mike!

After all the fun in the park, we went to an open field and played a few games. We tried out these games with each other as we will prepare for the Footsteps to Success Camp’s annual Camp Day. The competition between the two teams were intense. The energy and enthusiasm levels were so high that the heat didn’t even phase us.

Sebastian then showed us a few cool magic tricks and we officially called it a day.

Chase and Kevin look so interested to see what Sebastian will do next

PROFILE: Eastview Boys and Girls Club



Campers singing along to “repeat after me songs” for morning warm up

Mission statement: East Toronto Family Community Centre is committed to improving the quality of life for residents primarily in the area bounded by Greenwood, Broadview, Danforth and Queen Streets. To this end, Eastview mobilizes resources from a variety of public, private and community partners.

Sports camp excited to play a good ol’ game of soccer

Eastview has built a strong connection with the community for over 40 years. This summer camp program offers youth engagement in arts and sports. This centre offers a wide variety of recreational activities for children aged 6-12 years old.

Eastview Collage
Arts Camp focusing on their interior design projects

Through Eastview’s summer camp program, youth in their community have a safe and welcoming environment to participate in recreational activities, meet new friends, and learn to grow as tomorrow’s leaders. A daily routine includes, among many activities, team building games and projects, repeat after me songs, art activities, and sports. All activities are designed to help engage campers of all ages.

FOY Staff: Jonelle Calder, Jackulin Anton, Chamathka Kapugama, Sarah Daniel



Organization: Boys and Girls Club of Toronto

Location: 86 Blake Street, Toronto, ON M4J 3C9

Dates/Times: July 4 – August 22, 9AM-4PM


Contact Info: 
Tel: (416) 392-1750
Fax: (416) 392-1175


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