Focus on Youth–Week 1 Recap

To start this year’s program, we have introduced four disciplines, Arts, Sports, STEAM, and Leadership! Campers get to learn about these four areas of focus each day, each session lasting for one hour. Camp counsellors have been split into one of four groups to successfully run camps. On Monday’s and Friday’s, our organizational team, H4 Focus On Youth Workshop Team or our media team. On these days, one of two teams will have their own games and lessons planned for the day. 

Every week has a set theme, week 1 being Welcome Week! This week’s theme focused on building a better community by investing in the youth. Camp staff created an accepting and safe space to help support and maximize the potential of each camper. Many icebreakers and warm-up games were played to get to know the campers better and loosen up the nervous energy from being in a new setting. Future skills and ideas were introduced through icebreakers. For the Leadership sessions, icebreakers that involved communication, confidence and decision making were discussed to help familiarize campers with upcoming themes.

Here is the recap video for Week 1!

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