Focus on Youth–Week 2 Recap

Welcome to Footsteps to Success 2020. This week’s theme was Reclaim Your Voice Week! This week, camp staff touched on topics such as Calls to Action. Campers had the opportunities to learn that their voices have power. Our sessions were age appropriate in order to educate our future leaders. We started our week off with some more ice breaker games like last week and more activities that aligned with our theme!

Campers had the chance to learn about chemical reactions and learn how the simple reaction of vinegar and baking soda, can make something being like a volcano. They also had a chance to do activities that were related to the theme of this week, like encouraging them to speak more during sessions. Rules were also stated to make sure that each camper was contributing to the safe and inclusive space that each session provides. Campers were also shown example case studies to encourage speaking up during conflicts and doing the right thing.

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