PROFILE: St. Clare Custodial Placement

The Focus On Youth program hires many students all across the TCDSB every year to fill in the many jobs they have. There are camp counsellors who interact and learn with the kids everyday. The media team who go across Toronto to showcase and highlight the amazing things at different camps. The administrator team who help to coordinate things within Focus on Youth. The tutors who help kids learn and reach their limits over the summer. But there’s one position that many forget to talk about. The custodians at Focus on Youth play just as an important role within the program and they constantly help to keep the kids safe and provide a clean environment for them to have fun!

Shayanna and Benicio are just two out of the few custodians hired at Focus on Youth. They are placed at St. Clare Catholic School and do an excellent job of making the school a clean and safe environment for the camp. They also help to regulate the cleanliness of classrooms to make sure they are ready for the upcoming school year!

These two spend the days working alongside staff custodians at the school and do many things to keep the place in shape. They organize and stack the chairs and desks together, clean up the boards and desks, and make sure the floors are spotless! They enjoy the work since it gives them a lot of satisfaction.

Because of the Focus on Youth custodians’ hard work, the campers and kids at St Clare Catholic School will definitely have a fun and safe time here!

In the video below, our hard-working custodians at St. Clare Catholic School show us a variety of tasks they do on the job; mopping, sweeping, and wiping are just a few of the many important things our Focus On Youth leaders on a daily basis!

Congrats to everyone at St. Clare for keeping our school safe and clean!

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