PROFILE: BGC East Scarborough (St Brendan)

BGC East Scarborough is a part of the BGC organization. At BGC East Scarborough, they offer recreational programming alongside providing accessible quality social, educational programming within their numerous services. Their goal as an organization is to help youth and families be immersed in living healthy lifestyles. They also incorporate the importance of equality, self-esteem and a sense... Continue Reading →

PROFILE: St. Clare Custodial Placement

The Focus On Youth program hires many students all across the TCDSB every year to fill in the many jobs they have. There are camp counsellors who interact and learn with the kids everyday. The media team who go across Toronto to showcase and highlight the amazing things at different camps. The administrator team who... Continue Reading →

PROFILE: CASMA Toronto (Junior Academy)

CASMA (Canadian Art Sport and Music Association) is an organization founded by Michael Dmitrik. Rebranded from the name Hoop House Basketball, CASMA strives to focus on a variety of things such as arts & crafts, sports, public speaking and S.T.E.M. They incorporate these assets alongside the fun activities of summer to help kids reach their fullest... Continue Reading →

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