Profile: BGC Toronto Kiwanis (Spruce St.)

BGC Toronto Kiwanis is part of the city-wide BGC (Boys & Girls Club) organization. At the day camp’s accessible location found on Spruce avenue, they offer a great variety of amenities throughout the building. At BGC Toronto Kiwanis, they keep all the elements of a healthy and exciting environment in mind; they constantly run activities involving arts, sports, games, reading and many more throughout the day. Their campers will often visit their local park just down the street to get some fresh air, stay active, and have fun while at it!

A variety of different art skills are practiced and honed-down in the art room at BGC Toronto Kiwanis Spruce St! Campers often experiment and play with a variety of artistic elements to assess what they enjoy the most!

The Focus on Youth counsellors take their group of campers on a trip to the playground! Here, they play soccer, swing, climb, slide, and more!

Take an inside look of what a typical day at BGC Toronto Kiwanis looks like!

At BGC Toronto Kiwanis Spruce St, campers are encouraged to take part in a multitude of activities and exercises during their time at camp. Throughout the day, groups of campers and counsellors will visit different areas to experiment with all sorts of variety in and outside the building. In addition, the camp regularly takes part in trips to different places around Toronto where the children can experience different aspects of the city while being around one another.

In order of slides: Katrina Belleza, Beatriz Alegarbes, Maleek Ambris



BGC Toronto Kiwanis


101 Spruce St, Toronto M5A 2J3

Dates and Times (2022)

July 4 – August 26

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


6 to 16 years old

Contact Information:

(416) 925-2243 ext.30


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