PROFILE: Francis Libermann Custodial Placement

From Camp Counsellors to Custodians, FOY has it all! Custodians are our silent heroes everywhere we go. Let’s take a look at what our custodians at Francis Libermann have been up to!

Every day our dynamic duo make it to work at 8:30am ready to get down to business. They are assigned different tasks throughout the day by their supervisor and are a great asset to the existing custodians at the school. By 4:30, they can go home satisfied with the great work they have done for the school and the people attending.

Delmo and Nav do a great job at helping out around the school by teaming up to clean different classrooms, portables, and the cafeteria. Together, they make a great team and get the job done quickly and efficiently by dividing the work amongst themselves and helping each other out when needed.

FOY Staff (from left to right): John Delmo & Navinesh Fernando

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