PROFILE: Footsteps to Success (St. Mother Teresa)

Footsteps to Success is being hosted at two locations this year, with St. Mother Teresa being one of them. It is one of two camps founded by Andre Fullerton and community partners, created to become involved with youth, and to help urban communities to move forward.

The goal of Footsteps is to build up the community by investing in youth, to give them a different outlook, stronger self-identification, and expose them to different opportunities. The Focus on Youth students brings youthful perspective, positive energy, enthusiasm and serve as great role models for the younger campers.

Staff and Students enjoying the breakfast program

The breakfast program is offered to both staff and campers at the Footsteps camps. These tasty and nutritious meals are offered every morning right before camp starts, and are prepared by the counsellors.

Campers participating in a game of “Huckle Buckle”

The Footsteps to Success camp is a free camp for youth ages 5-15. This program runs for six weeks and boasts many exciting activities. These activities include leadership, arts, STEAM, and sports. Campers also enjoy weekly field trips with our amazing FOY staff.

Campers writing “warm & fuzzies” to each other

Campers waiting for their next rotation

Campers playing dodgeball outside

Campers creating banners

Campers during and after a game of “Hot Seat”


More Staff: Vishnu Tharmalingam, Alexander Grajales, Myra Ancog, Kaliyah Marston, Diya James Joseph, Zoie Davis, Genivah King



Footsteps to Success


St. Mother Teresa Catholic Academy

40 Sewells Rd

2022 Dates/Times:

July 4th – August 12th

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM


5 years old -15 years old

Contact Information:

Mark Bryce


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