PROFILE: TCE Community Services (St. Timothy)

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TCE Summer Camps Don Mills is part of The Child Experience, a non-profit organization created to keep children engaged throughout the summer. This year they have reopened in-person camps and made sure that all their locations were both safe and filled with fun and enrichment for campers. 

Campers lining up to go to the splash pad

TCE hosts camps at multiple locations across Toronto for children aged 7-12 over six weeks. At TCE St. Timothy, campers participate in activities such as crafts and games based on daily themes and go on occasional excursions outside of the school.

Campers on their walk to the splash pad

On our visit to TCE Don Mills, we joined them on their trip to a nearby splash pad. Both on the walk there and during their time at the splash pad, councillors and the director made sure all campers had fun. A few councillors rolled out the water balloon cart and then started an exhilarating water balloon fight between staff and campers alike!

Campers listening in on the rules of the water balloon fight and grabbing their water balloons

TCE allows children to interact with other campers their age while being mentored by students in high school and post-secondary educational institutions. Their programs focus on sports, drama activities and arts and crafts. Every camper is encouraged to participate in all three activities daily while participating in games, songs, cheers and team-building exercises.

Campers having fun at the splash pad!

FOY Staff (from left to right): Aron Selvarajah, Chibuike Nkemka



The Child Experience


St. Timothy CS
25 Rochelle Cres, North York

2022 Dates/Times:

July 4th – August 12th

9 AM – 3 PM


7 years old -12 years old

Contact Information:

Anthony Tacoma (Executive Director)

647-GOT-CAMP / (647-468-2267)


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