Profile: BGC Toronto Kiwanis (St. Mary)

In the city of Toronto, there is a non-profit organization called the Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs. The Kiwanis Club of Toronto, the Club’s Founding Partner, created the Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs in 1921. The Kiwanis Club of Toronto acquired the historic property of BGC Toronto Kiwanis, a church that was first constructed in 1921. In 1992, BGC Toronto Kiwanis was organized as a charitable corporation independent of the Toronto Kiwanis Club. Over 50,000 inner-city kids and youth have now received assistance from them in achieving.

Campers having a break time

Campers who are having fun on a sunny day pause to drink water to rehydrate and stay hydrated. The BGC Toronto Kiwanis provides a fun, high-quality, welcoming, and secure summertime experience! Children and youth will have access to a range of activities and educational opportunities catered to their requirements and passions!

Campers playing different activities created by their camp counselors

Campers engage in a wide range of activities such as exploring parks outside, swimming, and going on several trips. They are constantly having a great time while playing, and there are numerous distinctive and interesting events every day, including pancake day! It is evident from occasions like this that the children adore their counsellors and that their counsellors adore working with them.





BGC Toronto Kiwanis (St. Mary Elementary School)


20 Portugal Square, Toronto, ON, M6J3P2


11-13 years


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