PROFILE: Youth Unlimited: Seeds of Hope (St. Jane Frances)

Youth Unlimited is a faith-based organization that supports young people’s limitless potential. It has been expressing God’s love, kindness, truth, and hope to all young people for over seven decades, regardless of their age, gender, or religious beliefs. The mission of the Christian-based Seeds of Hope summer day camp is to reach out to and assist the Jane & Finch community.

The Seeds of Hope summer day camp was established in 2005 by Benjamin Osei, who intended to provide children with a chance to learn new things every day while being motivated to be leaders and responsible youth. The campers will be prepared for life outside of camp thanks to their four basic qualities, which are physical, social, academic, and most significantly, spiritual.

Recreational and artistic campers outside

Bible study, athletics, arts (singing, dancing, crafts), and academic time are all enjoyable camp activities. The Ontario Science Centre, MarineLand, The ROM, Toronto Islands, picnics, swimming, and much more fun and exciting excursions are arranged each week. The children choose a representative to act as their voice during the six-week program. For instance, this provides them with the option to select summer camp activities. By the time school starts, they will have had an exciting summer and a firmer foundation in Christ.




Youth Unlimited Seeds of Hope


2745 Jane St, North York


6-13 years

Contact Information

Benjamin Osei



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