PROFILE: St. Dorothy Catholic Elementary School Custodial

The custodians at St. Dorothy Catholic Elementary School clean, water plants, and reorganize classrooms to maintain a neat and tidy atmosphere. Arriving early for work, they start at approximately 8:30 am and leave at 3 pm. To ensure that the children begin the next school session in a hygienic environment, they see to it that the desks, chairs, and trash are all cleaned up.

When it comes to making sure school is a safe environment, the importance of cleanliness in school cannot be overlooked. The St. Dorothy custodians never fail to notice that. Sara and Lamar dust, vacuum, and wipe out shelves, desks, and chairs. Additionally, they clean the classrooms, wipe the floors, and arrange the chairs and desks.

For six weeks in the summer, the outstanding FOY custodians Sara and Lamar work with the custodians at St. Dorothy to maintain the cleanliness of the school’s grounds. They clean, wipe and sanitize every surface as they comprehend how crucial cleanliness is to a school’s success in preventing the transmission of germs. For the benefit of the students and employees of St. Dorothy, they promote a comfortable and safe environment.


Custodians cleaning the desks and chairs in the classrooms.




St. Dorothy Catholic Elementary School

155 John Garland Blvd, Etobicole, ON M9V 1N7


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