PROFILE: TCE Community Programs (Derrydown)

TCE Derrydown is a component of a citywide nonprofit organization established to keep kids busy over the summer. Children can engage with other campers their age through the program while being mentored by adolescents and post-secondary students. Sports, theatre activities, and arts and crafts are the main focus of the curriculum. Every camper is encouraged to take part in all three activities every day, in addition to partaking in team-building activities, games, songs, and cheers. The children at TCE Derrydown enjoy participating in these various activities, going on trips, and making friends as they learn.

Children take part in a variety of activities while enjoying themselves and learning.

TCE Derrydown offers a variety of outdoor sports and activities throughout the day. They check in, engage in sports, games, and team-building exercises, then head inside and become creative. The children have fun while creating colourful artwork with art supplies. After that, they grab their snacks and food and have lunch. At this camp, there is an equal amount of physical exercise and friendship-building.

For six weeks, TCE holds camps for kids ages 7 to 12 at various venues across Toronto. Campers at TCE Derrydown take part in games and crafts with daily themes as well as other activities. These engaging activities ensure that the children make new friends, advance their academic abilities, and have a fun time!




TCE Derrydown


120 Derrydown Rd, North York, ON, M3J 1R7

Contact Information:

Anthony Tacoma

Executive Director

647-GOT-CAMP / (647-468-2267)


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